Romantic Suspense You Can’t Put Down

Paperback $14.95
Kindle Ebook $2.99

The first in The Keeper series!

Will Jolie be able to protect herself and her little girl while a killer runs rampant at the zoo where she works? Is Cade the man she has been waiting for? Who or what animal will be the next victim? Is the killer someone the zookeepers know? CLICK THE IMAGE TO ORDER!

Paperback $11.95
Kindle Ebook $2.99

The second in The Keeper series!

Why are the animals in the zoo going mad? What happens when a storm hits the zoo? Will Lucas be able to protect Jolie and her daughter? Who will be the next victim of a crazed animal? Will the zoo survive the storm? CLICK THE IMAGE TO ORDER!


The third and final book in The Keeper trilogy. The power keeps failing and no one can figure out why. What happens when the zoo loses power? Will Emmalee’s love keep her safe? Who or what is causing the blackouts? CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR PREORDER AND RELEASE INFORMATION!