Spider Fighter

I was recently invited to lunch by some of my camping girlfriends and after lunch one of the ladies invited us to go to her farm to see the new pool room she was having built. One thing led to another and soon we were on her Kubota mule riding the trails around her property. It was a beautiful mild fall day in the country and her ATV powered through bushes and woods, randomly catching spiders mid-web. Linda and I brushed them away if they got too close, and I thought nothing of it since I am a country girl myself. Soon it was time to say goodbye and go our separate ways.

I had reservations at the local Jellystone RV Park because I wanted to do a test run with my dog Stella to see how she would do camping, so I needed to get home, hook up, load up, and get to the campground before dark. When I got into my car to head home, I felt something on my face. When I brushed it off, I saw that it was a spider and I tried to wrap it up in my hand to kill it, but it got away. I didn’t want to take the time to stop the car and hunt for it, and besides, it looked pretty harmless so I drove on home.

Stella and I made it to the campground before dark and I discovered that she is a pretty good camper, although she asked to go out three times that night while I was trying to sleep. I decided that she won’t be going on my girl camping trips with me. It was like having a toddler along. It was all about her and when I camp with my friends I want freedom to visit or go shopping or gather for dinner. I will take her when I camp alone, though.

The next morning I had an appointment for lab work so I got up bright and early and headed for the dreaded needle stick. I was ushered into the the phlebotomist’s cubicle where I hung my jacket on a peg before sitting down in the chair. As I was waiting, a spider–THE spider–dropped down from my jacket. I cried out and clapped it between my hands, causing it to drop to the floor where it met its untimely death under my shoe.

Several of the technicians asked what was wrong and I told them I had an unwanted companion in my cubicle. I know it was the spider that I brought from Linda’s property. It had been in my vehicle for two whole days and had hitched a ride on my jacket as I was driving to the doctor’s office. I never had any symptoms of being bit, thank the Lord. And my lab work was a breeze after that. Just call me by my superhero name: Spider Fighter. I’m so glad it decided to make its appearance in the doctor’s office. If it had done so while I was driving, my story might have turned out very different.

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What’s your spider story?



Why Fall is the Best

Here are my top ten reasons (in random order and importance) why fall is the absolute best season of the year. Ready?

  1. Goodbye, 100 degree days. Could that actually be a chill in the air? Or less than 50% humidity? Days in the 80’s are just pipe dreams in July.
  2. The grass stops its incessant growing. Lawn mowers can rest. The weekly grass cutting slows. Down. A. Lot.
  3. Pumpkin spice. Everything.
  4. Boots and jackets.
  5. Bare skin goes under wraps.
  6. You can be outside without sweating and having a heat stroke.
  7. Leaves turn glorious colors.
  8. Fall festivals abound (less so during a pandemic).
  9. You can build a fire in the fireplace and in the firepit.
  10. Flannel pajamas.

I can’t stop at 10! What about. . .

  • Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  • Football.
  • Hot coffee on a cool morning.
  • No more bugs, snakes, or creepy crawlies.
  • Fall decorations.

That’s my list. I’d love to hear what you would add or take away. Welcome, Fall!



Tree Tuesday: Pick a color, any color! Or not. . .

The trees in East Texas have reached their peak of fall glory and are now quickly losing their leaves in the rainy days and north winds.  However, as I enjoyed the fall color on my local travels, I noticed at least one type of tree that doesn’t just turn one color.  It turns at least three colors!
My parents say it may be an ornamental pear tree.  I don’t know.  If you do, let me know.  All I know is, its leaves turn various colors of orange, red, and gold and it is beautiful.  Photos just don’t do it justice.

By the way, this tree stands in a Whataburger parking lot where it was watching me buy my bacon and cheese taquito and large unsweet tea with extra ice.  A girl has to charge up before wrapping gifts all day!

I like to think the tree says to itself, “There are so many pretty fall colors that I can’t choose just one.  So I will turn every color!”  You go, tree.  My kind of gal.


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Workin’ Wednesday: Booth Sprucin’

Today was a good day to do some rearranging of the booth at Uniques & Antiques antique mall where my sister Sharon and I share a booth.

I had gone through all my Christmas things in preparation for a garage sale last week so I had a few things pulled to put in the booth.  Today seemed like a good day to add and subtract some items.

Here are some photos of the results of my booth sprucing.

 I have a small Christmas tree that I use to display hanging items any season of the year, but finally it’s time to decorate it for Christmas.  I hung several vintage Santa mugs as well as two of my rag garlands, some felt owls Sharon made, and a few other items. I added that vintage elf light to watch over everything!


 Next to the tree I hung a huge vintage wall tapestry like my grandmother used to have on her living room wall. Actually I think the picture on it was different but I love the majestic elk or deer it depicts.

 Here is another view of the tapestry.  The colors are very vivid. I made the banner which spans across it, saying “Vintage.”  There is also a vintage metal stool which had a torn vinyl cushion which I recovered in burlap and added a rag skirt.  The stool spins.

I also added a tiny green suitcase and filled it with doilies and old Christmas decorating magazines, along with some small Christmas toy items.

 Why, that’s a very interesting-looking book.  Wonder who wrote it?  Oh!  It’s me! Yours truly!  I’m the author! And you could have your very own copy.  Just leave me a comment and I will get back with you!

 One day I was just sittin’ and thinkin’ and noticed that I had left this little train case sitting on my little red stool.  It occurred to me that I could make a little patriotic side table by affixing the case to the table and stamping stars on the case.  Plus it has storage room inside!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you are interested in any of these items, we are located in Uniques & Antiques in Mineola, Texas.
Tell Melissa I sent you!

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Sitting Saturday: A Cacophony of Cows (or How to Sit Quietly for Four Hours)

Okay, let me just say that I have a hard time sitting still.  Just ask my family.  They say I fidget constantly in church–messing with my jewelry, flipping through the hymnbook, flicking off my chipped nail polish, reading ahead in the Scriptures–you get the picture.  Now imagine me sitting in a deer blind, trying to keep still AND quiet for FOUR straight hours!
Not an easy task.  Add cold, damp, and dark.  But I did it today, sitting next to Hubby, waiting for a deer to stroll within range of our sight and rifles.  Hubby assured me that he had seen three deer in the last two days.  Today was my first opportunity to go with him this season so I bundled up, packed up, and loaded up and went with him.  Fortunately our hunting spot is on my brother’s property only a few minutes away.  We have killed three deer and a pig on his small acreage!

Unfortunately, all was too quiet this morning.  We did spot a couple of cows, though.  Too bad they are not in season…
And a couple of squirrels.  Plus we heard an owl hoot very nearby.  Twice.
After the sun came up, the cows began to call to each other very noisily.  Herds of cows mooing like crazy.
But no deer.  Not this morning.

So. . .it was back home to rest our weary sitters and catch up on the sleep we lost getting up at 5:00 a.m.  Maggie my Boston terrier woke me up at 3:00 p.m. to let me know that my daughter and son-in-law had come in.  

Who, me?

They moved more of her stuff to their new home, and after they left, Hubby says to me:  “Let’s go back.  Not as long this time.  Only an hour or two.  We already have everything ready to go.”

Okay.  I have to do this for him.  After all, he has hauled boxes and boxes of junk for me recently, not to mention the Scampventure.
More sitting.

This time not so cold.  And lo, and behold, four small deer run across our line of sight in the woods, going too fast to even give us a chance to raise our rifles.  But at least we saw something!  Adrenaline flowed, hope renewed.  We’ll be back.

Oh, yes, not just for the deer, but to make sure we put out more corn and Swamp Donkey attractant.  The cows love it.  The deer?  They just ignore it and keep on moving.
Oh well, at least somebody’s happy.

Inside the blind:  scary, blurry, and I don’t look nearly as good as he does!
The pretty view outside the front of the blind.  Most of the leaves are still on the trees.
The front window cover has hinges that allow it to fold down.
Breakfast of champions:  a Clif bar in White Chocolate Macadamia.  Then there’s a doe bleat and a chair cushion to rest hubby’s rifle on.
My early morning snack:  peanut butter filled pretzel bites!  Yum!
A view of the deer stand I use during archery season.  A sore elbow ruined it for me this year.
Locking up our homemade blind until the next time.  No critters or explorers allowed!
Great white hunter with his shotgun.
Are you a deer hunter?  Please share!