Scamp Tales Tuesday: We survived to tell about our Scampventure!

After three years of fixing, waiting, and more fixing, hubby and I finally got to test Scampin’ Annie on a real honest-to-goodness camping trip.  This is the first photo we have taken of her away from home turf!  Unfortunately, about 35 miles down the road, we noticed that we had already lost a part off her!  At least it wasn’t a vital one–just a vent grille from behind her refrigerator.  But it hurt my pride and Annie’s.  She had to make the rest of the journey with a gaping hole in her side!  

Here’s a photo of her with the missing vent panel.  She didn’t let it slow her down any.
Of course, no trip is complete without a trip to Walmart.  There are always things forgotten or needed.  In this case it was a fire extinguisher, a jack, wheel chocks, folding chairs, snacks, bottled water, and soda.  Here is Jimmy walking ahead of me to the back corner of the parking lot where he thought it was safe for me to park.  : )
After about 200 more miles and only one more stop to stretch our legs, we finally arrived at our campground, Oak Thicket Park on Lake Fayette near LaGrange.  I practiced unhooking the trailer from the hitch, leveling the trailer, and hooking up the electricity.  Then I set up our chairs and decorated the picnic table and driveway while Jimmy fixed a tail light that decided to stop working.  In 98 degree heat, it wasn’t much fun for him, but he didn’t complain.  Much.

Lake Fayette provides water for a nearby power plant.  Not exactly a picture perfect view, but it was quiet.

Our first Scamp camp.
Looks kinda homey, huh?
Of course, I had to add the obligatory pink flamingos.  My sister Sharon found the sign in a thrift store!
Home, sweet home, at least for one night.  Camping space number 20.
I backed her in myself!
And here are the happy Scampers checking out the fishing dock before dusk forced us inside.  

More of our sightseeing and evening in the camper next time!  

Stay tuned. . .



Meaningless Drivel Monday: Slowly getting there. . .

My little Scamp is getting closer to road-worthiness.  I finally put the bed completely together and only need to buy another bed pillow to have it ready for hubby and me to sleep there.  

I bought a set of twin sheets right after I bought the Scamp a couple of years ago.  I didn’t even know that I was going to paint the walls sage green, but I had already picked out the cushion fabric.  The sheets were half price and I am pleased with how they look!
Hubby’s grandmother’s quilt lies folded at the end in case it gets cool during our nap.

Little Maggie waits for me to return to the house.  This is the view from the front bench of the trailer.  

Not much drivel today. . .



Meaningless Drivel Monday: We’ll leave the light on. . .

As I write this, it is almost Tuesday, but I have to share anyway.  On Saturday hubby worked hard readjusting the window air conditioner in the Scamp so that the water would flow out of the camper instead of in!  It was a thankless job.  

I helped him remove all the foam insulation we had sprayed around it previously, which is what you see covering the ground.  Then we had to push and pull the little unit around so he could figure out how to reset it.  He ended up having to cut a piece of the window frame (GASP!) and then adding some wood to the frame.

As I walked back into the house to begin dinner I looked back at the Scamp.  Daylight was disappearing, and the little string of camper lights shone through the doorway.  Looking like home.  Looking like our future little home away from home on wheels.  The sight gave me a really warm happy feeling.

I just can’t wait to get her on the road!