AT HOME MONDAY: Book Fest Report

I had great fun on Saturday sitting at a table piled with my books and talking with other authors.  I felt like a REAL writer! And the East Texas Book Fest organizers treated us all like kings and queens, treating us to a tasty continental breakfast with coffee, complimentary bottles of water, box lunches, and complimentary cookies.  

About 40 book authors hosted tables with their books for sale, and there were about ten authors speaking in breakout sessions.  I don’t believe the turnout was as high as expected, but people did come out to hear the speakers and look at the books.

My sales were less than last year, and I thought last year was not as good as it should have been!  But times are hard these days and folks just aren’t as eager to turn loose of their money.  I am NOT an aggressive salesperson, either, nor do I intend to become one just to sell books.  The greatest reward for me has been actually having my work in print and getting to show it off with other authors.  Not that I wouldn’t LOVE for a Hollywood movie studio to pick it up and write a screenplay.  “Night Keeper:  Based on the novel by April Nunn Coker.”  Wow.  Cool beans.

That fedora gives me that author air, don’tcha think?

By the way, if you’re interested in reading these great undiscovered books, you can order them through Publish America,

Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.  They are also in ebook form.  Or you can go to my website and order discounted autographed copies directly from me.  I gotta get off here now.  The orders are starting to pour in. . .


CHEAP WEDDING WEDNESDAY: On Thursday! Best Burlap Deal Ever!

If you have done any wedding research at all, you have seen it everywhere.  Burlap is the thing for wedding decorating these days, and it’s not just for weddings, either.  It may be cheap at $3.99 a roll, or $2.99 at Walmart, but that wasn’t cheap enough for me. I want to combine burlap with lace, tulle, and white or off-white cloth to make curtain strips, table runners, bows, labels, etc.

I bought a roll of 4-inch burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby, but at $3.99 or $5.99 (I don’t recall exactly), I can’t afford to buy all I need.  So, as is my habit, I searched the internet for affordable burlap ribbon.

Lo, and behold, I found it on Amazon!  I got 100 feet, YES, ONE HUNDRED FEET, of 4-inch burlap TREE WRAP for under 20 dollars, which included shipping!  From the pictures, I thought it might be too thin, but it is perfect!  It frays easily, cuts easily, and will be perfect for ALL my wedding projects!  And yes, of course, I will post pictures, AFTER the wedding!  Now I feel better about the dress and the cake. . .

image from here

By the way, excuse the late posting of my Wednesday blog. . .if there is anyone out there who wondered about it.  We had a family crisis involving my Son-in-Law 2B and a snake bite.  Yes, it was poisonous!  But, that is another post, if he lets me, that is.

So, I will be a day off the rest of this week. . .but I’m a little off anyway. . .