Junkin' and Thriftin'

Wild Wednesday: A new name for our booth!

Look at that sign!  It’s official now!  We have a real shop, even if it is a booth inan  antique mall.  My sister Sharon shares the booth with me, and she made the sign.  We named our business after our grandmother who was the original thrifter.  She always showed off her secondhand clothing finds and repurposed items whenever we visited. She was our dad’s mother, and when my oldest was a baby, he got the junkin’ fever.  He has a stash that would excite the American Pickers
Junkin’ is in our blood!
This is what makes Wednesday wild–a leopard print bustier and one of my rag skirts, perfect for a gypsy prom, especially the Junk Gypsy Junk-o-rama Prom to be held October 3 at Round Top, Texas during Texas Antiques Week.

Here is some of the other junk I added today.

Two darling little table figurines–one is a salt or pepper shaker and one is a toothpick holder.
This little guy never wakes up from his siesta!
One of my rag curtains hangs behind a trestle table holding the dress form with the gypsy prom outfit.

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Junkin' and Thriftin'

Whatever Wednesday: At the booth

Today was booth day.  I visit my and my sister’s booth at the antique mall at least once a week to see if anything has sold, to replenish or add items, and to tweak displays.  
Today I was pleasantly surprised to find that two of my sister’s chenille bedspreads had sold, as well as a teeny Mexican dress.  And I sold another rag curtain!

Custom Rag Curtain

I added a stool I had taken out of my original booth and repainted and added rags to it.

Then I added a couple of small items and moved all the wedding stuff together.  Here are some updated shots of the booth.  

Business in our booth has been a bit slow, but hopefully with the tourist season upon us, it will pick up.

When you are in Mineola, visit Uniques & Antiques!  Check out all the wonderful treasures, and make a purchase!