Thrifty Hunter Thursday: Zebra Arrows!

Nothing speaks to a reluctant female archer like a pink camouflage compound bow.  I began shooting a bow a couple of years ago but wasn’t really serious about it until my husband bought me my Mathews Mission Craze bow.  (See earlier post for a photo of me with my new bow.)  But what really sealed the deal were pink zebra print arrows!  If you’re gonna shoot to kill, do it with style! 
If you have been watching “Spirit of the Wild,” musician Ted Nugent’s hunting show, you know that he had zebra-striped pink arrows specially made for his wife.  And now anyone can have them!  Beautiful but deadly with a broadhead tip. . .more on that later. . .archery season will be here before we know it!




Thrifty Hunter Thursday: Practice Time!

I was thrilled last summer when my husband bought me a new Mathews Mission Craze pink camouflage bow.  I had been practicing with an ancient PSE.  The Craze was a whole new experience.  This fall will be my second archery season with my beautiful bow, and I intend to be much stronger and more accurate than I was last  year.  If a deer had walked right out in front of me last fall, I’m not sure I would have been able to hit it with an arrow.

However, I have more practice under my belt, and once this Texas weather cools off to the lower 90’s again, I will be outside practicing as much as I can.  

We are very fortunate to have some acreage outside city limits where we can set up targets and shoot freely without fear of an arrow going where it shouldn’t.  My husband Jimmy and I enjoy going out to the backyard in the cool of the late afternoon and shooting a few arrows.  It’s a friendly competition to see who can be more accurate.  So far, he has beat me, but he has been using a bow a lot longer than I have.  

He actually shot his first buck with a bow last year.  He was so proud.  With the doe I shot on opening day, we are still enjoying venison and it is almost summer’s end!  Jimmy also bought a European skull mount kit and cleaned the deer skull himself.  That is another story.  For now, I will share some photos of me in our backyard with my Mission Craze bow.

Me and the Craze!  (complete with goofy grin!)
Working on proper form. . .

                                                                                    Watch out, deer!
April  xoxo