At Home Monday: More family talent. . .

You may remember that my sisters and my mother exchanged handmade and handcrafted gifts for Christmas and my birthday.  I think I shared what one of my sisters gave me–a cute owl painting and a burlap and linen vanity stool–but I never shared what my other sister did.  

She was inspired by a similar painting she saw on Pinterest, but she did the lettering on this one herself!

She also knew the words are from one of my favorite hymns, which makes it even more meaningful.

Then I saw online a cute piece of mixed media art featuring a small camper.  I am currently restoring a 1978 Scamp trailer, so I love all things with vintage campers.  I hinted to her that I wanted a piece of art featuring my Scamp.  Guess what she brought me this afternoon?

She did it all herself with a canvas, scrapbook paper, and paint!  It’s a really big 16 x 20 inches, too!  Since I don’t have a birthday coming up, I told her it was perfect to give me for her birthday (which isn’t until May).  That’s how I roll. . .

Not really.  But I DO love my talented family!  I would love them anyway, talented or not.
Yep, I would.

What is your favorite handmade item?



RANDOM FRIDAY: Yes, on Saturday. . .it’s Lucky Charms!

Our family is a talented bunch, and I don’t think I’m bragging.  I mean, we have singers, artists, pianists, guitarists, writers, mechanics, teachers, carpenters, cooks, and amateur comedians on both sides of our families, and that isn’t a complete list.  

In my own family, I consider myself a writer–after all, I do write this blog, and have had two books published–and I have a wonderful grown daughter who is a talented artist and sculptor.  She enjoys working with tiny bits of clay to make teeny little charms that she offers for sale in her Etsy shop, CharmshopNdrop.

This is an example of one of the charms she has listed, but she has many more than this.  She also has her own YouTube channel and will take commissions.  Check out her work!

Polymer Clay Mamegoma Surprise