CHEAP WEDDING WEDNESDAY: And the countdown continues. . .

There are only two and a half weeks left until my daughter’s wedding!  I’m trying not to panic, but when I look at my to-do list, my heart beats faster anyway.  I have checked off several things so far this week, so if I can keep up the momentum we should have no problem having everything ready.  

My husband says, “What else do you have to do?”  As if.  He thinks if the preacher, location, and cake are lined up, then we are ready.  He doesn’t even notice the boxes and piles of junk lining our bedroom, that is, until he stubbed his toe the other night while walking to the bathroom in the dark.  Thank goodness the box was empty when he picked it up and tossed it.  I hate to think of the fireworks if there had been something fragile in it, ’cause this wedding planner mama ain’t playin’! “Keep that stuff out of the way,” he grumbled before shutting the bathroom door rather noisily.  At least he didn’t slam it or use profanity.

What is left to do?  Gee, where do I begin?  The things remaining are not event-cancelling things if I don’t get them done, but they will hopefully make the wedding atmosphere magical and memorable for the ones who matter the most–the bride and groom.

Here is my list, or at least part of it:

  • paint two old chairs white;
  • finish painting the chandelier;
  • make the bouquets and buttonnieres;
  • make the guest favors;
  • embellish bottles and top hats;
  • paint a couple more signs;
  • make rag curtains;
  • finish rag garland;
  • have prints made and put them in frames;
  • find the rest of my outfit;
  • buy more cups and napkins and white flowers;
  • check with the bakery, the rental company, DJ, and photographers;
  • PRAY for good weather and traveling mercies for all;
  • PRAY for God’s blessing on this marriage we are preparing for;
  • etc., etc., etc.!
And all that I need to do before the tent is set up.  A whole day of assembly and decoration will follow the day before the wedding itself!
So, this mother-of-the-bride still has a lot to do.  At least the groom, best man, and dad have ordered their tuxes, and the happy couple got their marriage license today, so I don’t have to be the M.O.B.zilla and keep nagging.
I can’t wait to post pictures of everything we do for the big day.  Stay tuned. . .