Meaningless Drivel Monday: Sick and Repurposing

Yesterday I found out that a person can sneeze so much that it makes their abdominal muscles sore the next day.  I know because I did it.  Saturday night I sneezed so much I thought I would never stop.  Then yesterday my stomach muscles hurt!

People who live in areas of the country where it is still snowing may not realize that there are drawbacks to living in a more temperate climate like ours in Texas.  In addition to the first days of a green Spring, we are also having an onslaught of pollen, so much so that our cars are completely covered in yellow dust.  Even two days of rain which made little yellow-rimmed puddles in the roads and streets didn’t stop the trees from spitting out their sperm. Ew, my students said last year when I told them that pollen was plant sperm.  Well, it’s the truth.  And lots of people are highly allergic to it!  I even take prescription meds and they didn’t do the job!

So I stayed indoors all day yesterday and today in defense from the pine trees and blustery winds and today felt a bit better.  I actually did some cleaning and finished up some projects for my booth at Uniques & Antiques.

This one I made from a yard sale purchase.  The frame caught my eye.  It made a cute chalkboard, don’t you think?

Then I made this little wall hanging from a piece of house siding my dad had left over from a building project.  I just added chalkboard paint, cup hooks, lace, burlap, a button, and some twine.  It would be cute in a bedroom or closet holding necklaces or scarves.

This little footstool I made from a tattered old wooden tapestry stool.  With more foam, a burlap cover, and rags tied to jute twine glued to the edges, it is totally transformed.

I hope to feel well enough tomorrow to place these items for sale in my booth.  There’s a freeze warning tonight.  Maybe that will slow down those tree gonads a bit!




One way to keep wedding costs down is to do it yourself, or as it’s known in the television world, DIY.  You try to create everything you can with what you already have without spending a fortune paying someone else to do it for you.  And since I am retired from teaching now, I figure I should have plenty of time to make and do things.

It helps if you have talent, but it is crucial that you have the confidence to believe that what you create is good enough for a wedding. That’s the hard part.  I have pinned all kinds of ideas on Pinterest, but actually bringing them to fruition. . .well. . .

I’m getting there, though!  I saw a garland at a bridal show a few months ago, and I actually made one myself!  Not bad, if I do say so myself, and much better than the price tag of the one at the show.  And I paid practically nothing:  I had the twine, the $18 100 ft. burlap roll, the free tulle, and the 10 cent white cotton sheet.  

All it took was some patience and plenty of strips of tulle, burlap, and white fabric.  Oh, you also need some jute twine.  You don’t even have to worry about measuring the pieces or cutting them straight.  It’s an easy-peasy project!

You just tie the strips onto the twine.  I used two strips of cotton and tulle for every strip of burlap.

This little project measures about five feet in length, and I need to make two or three more.  It took me about three hours, but I should have it down faster now.  Maybe after the wedding I will have some in an online shop that I hope to build.  In the meantime, I will try not to let DIY become DYI (do yourself in).  

More cheap wedding tricks to come. . .



CHEAP WEDDING WEDNESDAY: On Thursday! Best Burlap Deal Ever!

If you have done any wedding research at all, you have seen it everywhere.  Burlap is the thing for wedding decorating these days, and it’s not just for weddings, either.  It may be cheap at $3.99 a roll, or $2.99 at Walmart, but that wasn’t cheap enough for me. I want to combine burlap with lace, tulle, and white or off-white cloth to make curtain strips, table runners, bows, labels, etc.

I bought a roll of 4-inch burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby, but at $3.99 or $5.99 (I don’t recall exactly), I can’t afford to buy all I need.  So, as is my habit, I searched the internet for affordable burlap ribbon.

Lo, and behold, I found it on Amazon!  I got 100 feet, YES, ONE HUNDRED FEET, of 4-inch burlap TREE WRAP for under 20 dollars, which included shipping!  From the pictures, I thought it might be too thin, but it is perfect!  It frays easily, cuts easily, and will be perfect for ALL my wedding projects!  And yes, of course, I will post pictures, AFTER the wedding!  Now I feel better about the dress and the cake. . .

image from here

By the way, excuse the late posting of my Wednesday blog. . .if there is anyone out there who wondered about it.  We had a family crisis involving my Son-in-Law 2B and a snake bite.  Yes, it was poisonous!  But, that is another post, if he lets me, that is.

So, I will be a day off the rest of this week. . .but I’m a little off anyway. . .