Things I Can’t Wait to Do


There’s little to do around here these days except for cleaning, fixing meals, surfing the web, doing projects, running to the store when necessary, and talking on the phone or texting. I’ve just about exhausted the projects that I am willing to take on, and having nowhere to donate or store unwanted items makes decluttering a problem.  

I’m really not complaining because I know there are many people out there working to keep us safe, healthy, fed, receiving mail and shipments, and keeping stores, gas stations, the government, etc. in business.  I pray for you guys each and every day.  Still, I bet you are looking forward to better days as well.  

Here are things I look forward to doing:

  •  hugging my children and grandchildren. Not getting to see them in person has been the hardest part of this stay-at-home order.
  • playing with my grandchildren. I can’t wait to play peek-a-boo, finally have an Easter egg hunt, draw on the cement, blow bubbles, do puzzles, read books, play hide-and-seek again.
  •  going to church and greeting fellow believers in person.
  •  sitting down at a restaurant and enjoying a meal.
  •  meeting friends.
  •  getting together with family.
  •  going to garage sales.
  •  going shopping, especially thrift shopping.
  •  camping with friends.
  •  packing away my face mask.
What about you? What are the things you look forward to?
Hang in there. Stay safe and well.


More Holiday Scotsman Glamping

As promised, I’d like to share photos from the inside of my 1962 Scotsman Scottie during my last campout at Tyler State Park’s Pineywoods Christmas in the Park event.  I tried to make the most of every inch of the ten-foot interior.  For the outdoor décor, click here.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour!  In case you’re wondering, all décor is courtesy of my sisters, mother, friends, Dollar General, Big Lots, thrift stores, and my own home. 
Happy New Year!  May it be abundantly blessed.


You Can’t Stay in my Little White Camper (with apologies to Miranda Lambert)

Ray Roberts Lake at sunset

Recently I had the opportunity to camp at Ray Roberts Lake State Park.  A beautiful Texas state park, the campground is kept as natural as possible with wildlife wandering around, unafraid of park visitors.  I was enjoying my morning coffee at the picnic table when someone drove by and glanced at my camper. I also noticed other visitors walking by and stealing glances at my campsite where Miss Millie was parked.  One of my favorite songs by Miranda Lambert popped into my head and I decided to adapt it a bit. (My apologies, Miranda!)

You only like me for my vintage camper
And my ability to tow her
I live in hot East Texas
You said you’ll go camping and I’ll see you there
Go ahead and buy that trailer and let’s go where
But guess what?

You can’t stay in my little white camper
The table won’t fold down and the bed is just for one
You can’t roll to this glamping swagger.
You know it ain’t my fault when I pass
And jaws drop.
It’s like ooh, ahh. . .

Oh, heaven help me,
I’ve been traveling all over the place
And staying by myself
But that’s just who I be
And you’re just trying to slow this camping roll
But I’m onto you, baby
So guess what?

You can’t stay in my little white camper
The table won’t fold down and the bed is just for one
No, you can’t roll to this glamping swagger.
You know it ain’t my fault when I pass and jaws drop.
Ooh, ahh. . .

You only love me for my little white camper
And my camper tee shirts
I live in hot East Texas
And I’ve got dyed blonde hair
And I carry a pistol and I go on the road
And I do all the stuff you want to do.
And my dog stays home.
And I ain’t about drama, y’all.
I love my camping friends
And I ain’t your mama!

So guess what?
You can get your own little white camper
The table might fold down and the bed can be for two.
Yes, you could roll to this glamping swagger.
You know it won’t be our fault when we pass 
And jaws drop.
Ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh. . .

(Lyrics adapted from the song “Little Red Wagon” by Miranda Lambert.)

How about you?  Would you like to stay in a little white camper?


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Ten Reasons I Go Glamping

Me in costume.

I love camping like a girl, glamour-camping, or glamping as it is known these days.  This kind of camping doesn’t require a camp stove, campfire, or sleeping bags.  It doesn’t even require cooking or any kind of “roughing it.”  It’s camping for girls, and I love it.  Why would a woman who likes being clean, who doesn’t tolerate the heat, and loves evenings in her favorite chair want to leave all that behind, get dirty and sweaty hooking up a trailer, pulling it, possibly having to back it, and then unhooking it and setting up all the décor and power and water at a campsite?  I’ll tell you why!

For me, glamping means:

1.   Time away from family, job, home, and even church responsibilities.

Friends and me out shopping.

2.   New friends at every event.

3.  Getting to dress up in costume.

4.  Getting to decorate my camper like a playhouse.

5.  Me time.

6.  A sense of independence from pulling a trailer on my own.

7.  A sense of accomplishment from pulling, backing, and parking a trailer.

8.  The camaraderie of a wonderful group of women from all walks of life.

9.  Visiting new places, especially small towns.

10. Laughing and having fun.

Of course, you don’t have to go glamping to experience all this. You could just grab your group of friends and go somewhere together.  But there’s something about sitting outside at a campground, sometimes around a fire, sharing stories and jokes and confidences with women who appreciate you for who you are at that moment without knowing all your history and baggage.  There are no expectations and no preconceived notions, just living in the moment.  That’s my favorite part of glamping.  And when I’m tired, or just want to be alone, all I have to do is go for a walk or duck inside my camper.  No one judges, and I can get lost in my own little world, my own little vintage camper.

My sweet camper, Miss Millie, all decked out.

Mandatory stop at Buc’ee’s

How about you?  How do you get your me time?



What’s the Glamper Been Up To?

Miss Millie and I have been fortunate to get to go on two campouts so far this year.  The first one was in Glen Rose, Texas and the second one was in Goodrich, Texas.  About 60 of our group of ladies showed up at the March event, and about 30 to the April event.  I would love to attend them all, but obligations, finances, and LIFE just won’t allow it.  That just makes me appreciate the ones I do get to attend that much more.

This is my campsite in Glen Rose.  Miss Millie, a 1962 Scotsman Scottie, is small but cozy and I love spending time in her.  My favorite time is at night when I can snuggle in my bed with my phone or a DVD. 

The best part about these campouts is getting to meet new friends and hang out or go shopping, dining, and sightseeing in a new town.  Here I am with Pam (left) and Tammy (middle) in downtown Glen Rose.

One of the coolest places was a local bookstore/restaurant called The Storiebook Café.  (The owner’s name is Storie.)  The walls are lined with bookshelves, and there was even a “tree” made entirely of books!  I liked it so much I asked if I might have a book signing there, and the owner agreed!  June 21, in case you’d like to meet me there!

I won’t get to go on another campout until September, but the way these months are flying, it will be here before we know it.  In the meantime, I’ll keep writing, wrapping gifts, babysitting, and caring for hubby and our new puppy. . .which is a whole ‘nother blog post!

Until then, enjoy what’s left of spring and drop me a line!  Hope to see you in Glen Rose on the 21st!