My sister Sharon was gracious enough to host a bridal shower for Natalie, my bride-to-be daughter, this past weekend.  Sharon  is thriftier than I ever could be, being a stay-at-home wife and mom to three children.  She is a bit creative as well, a trait her mother and sisters recently discovered as her kids have grown and she has more time to exhibit that side of herself.  I just have to show you what she came up with for the shower decorations and food.  I was so proud of her!

First, the table. . .

My sister made the banner out of scrapbook paper and stenciled letters and a Sharpie marker!  (I saved it for the wedding, along with lots of other things!)  There were two tiered plates of cupcakes, fresh grapes, two kinds of cheese, top hat brownies, and chocolate kisses, along with punch and coffee.  Here are some close-ups of the goodies. . . 

Sharon made all the cupcakes and wrapped the liners with pieces of scrapbook paper she cut to fit.  She made the top hat brownies by setting circular brownies on top of a round chocolate wafer cookies topped with icing.  She also printed Victorian love quotes on bits of scrapbook paper that she made little flags out of.

Don’t you just love the variety of papers and the variety of icing styles?  I told you she was creative!  Now here is a photo of the bride-to-be with her proud mother. . .

Other creative touches included table centerpieces consisting of vintage bottles embellished and filled with bits of paper, beads, music, etc.  She also placed a candle with the bottles on burlap squares and topped each table with a vintage tablecloth.

To add interest, my sister also did quotes on pieces of black poster paper framed by heart cutouts which she pinned to the bulletin boards already in place in the church fellowship hall where the shower was held. . .

My mother sat behind Natalie to help her with the wrappings, and my niece (Sharon’s daughter) Libbie handed Natalie the gifts one by one to unwrap.  

She had a ball opening her wedding gifts, and I believe everyone present enjoyed themselves.  A huge thank you goes out to my sister from both of us.  It was a lot of work, and I’m sure she will be calling on me someday when her own daughter finds the man of her dreams.  Not any time soon, though.  She’s only 13!



CHEAP WEDDING WEDNESDAY: On Thursday! Best Burlap Deal Ever!

If you have done any wedding research at all, you have seen it everywhere.  Burlap is the thing for wedding decorating these days, and it’s not just for weddings, either.  It may be cheap at $3.99 a roll, or $2.99 at Walmart, but that wasn’t cheap enough for me. I want to combine burlap with lace, tulle, and white or off-white cloth to make curtain strips, table runners, bows, labels, etc.

I bought a roll of 4-inch burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby, but at $3.99 or $5.99 (I don’t recall exactly), I can’t afford to buy all I need.  So, as is my habit, I searched the internet for affordable burlap ribbon.

Lo, and behold, I found it on Amazon!  I got 100 feet, YES, ONE HUNDRED FEET, of 4-inch burlap TREE WRAP for under 20 dollars, which included shipping!  From the pictures, I thought it might be too thin, but it is perfect!  It frays easily, cuts easily, and will be perfect for ALL my wedding projects!  And yes, of course, I will post pictures, AFTER the wedding!  Now I feel better about the dress and the cake. . .

image from here

By the way, excuse the late posting of my Wednesday blog. . .if there is anyone out there who wondered about it.  We had a family crisis involving my Son-in-Law 2B and a snake bite.  Yes, it was poisonous!  But, that is another post, if he lets me, that is.

So, I will be a day off the rest of this week. . .but I’m a little off anyway. . .



Cheap Wedding Wednesday: THE Gown

Not only am I a retired schoolteacher who loves to decorate and hunt, I am now officially a wedding planner!  Since my daughter Natalie became engaged to her fiance Bryan, I have jumped in with both feet, scouring the web for bargains and tips.  Because, my friends, this wedding will be one of the coolest yet cheapest weddings on record!  At least, I hope.  
Natalie chose a Victorian steampunk vintage wedding theme, which is going to be great fun to shop for and decorate.  I have already amassed quite a collection of decor items and we have already shopped for and chosen the wedding gown.  If anything breaks my teeny budget, that dress will.  But our search of vintage and pre-worn dresses turned up absolutely nothing, so we headed to David’s Bridal.  Of course, she fell in love with the most beautiful gown which was completely over the dress budget.  We will save elsewhere.  
She bonded with that gown.  There was no way I could say no.  
Unfortunately, THE dress can’t be revealed until after the wedding on November 10!
However, I WILL share some of the contenders. . .enjoy!
The quality isn’t the best because I used my phone camera, but you get an idea.  We had a blast.  My personal favorite was the bottom dress, but it wasn’t her pick.  We both thought the top dress–the first she tried–was the one because she felt like a Disney princess.
But no, not her pick.  
Sorry, you’ll just have to wait. . .
April  xoxo