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Teacher Tuesday: Dolly Python Vintage

It’s Teacher Tuesday on my blog, so today I am going to share what this teacher learned visiting Dolly Python Vintage in Dallas last weekend.  I have been wanting to visit this place for quite some time after seeing it mentioned in a magazine (I can’t remember now which) and then looking it up online.  What a treat it was to finally have a chance to go!
Located in east Dallas on N. Haskell Avenue, it is an unassuming older building with a cute neon sign on the corner and parking on a side street.  But once you open that door and are greeted by several people who work there, along with Lucy the black lab and Mr. Sandwiches, the terrier mix, you are in heaven.  Or at least, I was.
Lucy was friendly and very laid back.
The first items you see are shelves and shelves of used and vintage cowboy boots on the right and racks and racks of vintage clothing on the right from the front to the back of the store.  In the center of the store between two dividing walls are glass counters where you pay for your merchandise and cross over into the antique mall part of the establishment.  
Rows of vintage clothing beckon under various taxidermy pieces and this 1950’s dress.
This is not your ordinary antique mall.  There are many vendors with lots of stuff, but amidst the lamps and furniture and knick-knacks are various and sundry oddities, like floating doll heads, dressed up taxidermy, framed taxidermy heads, bones, caskets, snakeskins, circus tapestries, and dolls with no eyes.  There is also a whole corner full of vintage records as well as a psychic ready to forecast your fortune.
Doll heads float on cubby shelves.
A jar rounds up various doll parts behind these porcelain heads.
Imagine that this used to belong to a little girl who probably loved her very much.
Still kind of creepy, though, huh?
There were two of these stuffed fawns!  What would possess someone to kill and stuff a baby deer, much less two?
I prefer to believe they were accidentally killed and lovingly preserved.
“I say, old chap, might you have a light?”  Crazy weird!
Victorian wicker casket said to allow corpses to breathe if they suddenly revived.
The wicker allowed the air in but kept the bugs out.
Ronald McDonald helps keep watch over the store.
See what I mean?  So cool!  So quirky!  So full of ideas for my own decor and especially my booth at Uniques & Antiques!  Wonder if people around here are ready for oddities?  It’s worth a try!  I have lots of other photos I may share later. In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook page and their Pinterest page.  
Can you believe I got out of there with only three vintage photographs at less than five bucks?  It was one of those places where there is so much I couldn’t decide on anything!  I did that the first time I went to Sam Moon–I was too overwhelmed with all the choices in jewelry and purses!
I will definitely be returning to Dolly Python Vintage with my daughter, who is a fan of the Discovery Channel program “Oddities.”  My son even brought her a bag from the store Obscura in New York over the weekend.
Let me know if you think these oddities I shared are way too odd or just too cool!
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Saturday Ramblings: House and dog sitter extraordinaire

A couple of weeks ago my son asked me if I would be willing to stay at his house for a few days while he accompanied his wife to New York City on a business trip.  While I would have been a little more delighted to have been invited on the trip, I said, “Absolutely!”  

Even hubby/dad agreed.  I would stay at Matt’s house, care for his yard and his dogs, and do a little shopping and sightseeing in Dallas.  It’s only about an hour and a half from my home, but they have a beautiful new older home which would be almost like staying in a hotel!

It’s just that I haven’t been away from home in awhile.  Since I retired from teaching, I also retired from membership in two different professional teacher associations which sometimes required travel to Austin for conferences and business meetings.  I had even considered getting rid of my attache and travel-size toiletries!  Glad I didn’t.

It turns out I hadn’t forgotten how to make my packing list (yes, I’m one of THOSE) and pack my bags.  I loaded down with several back issues of magazines and newspapers I hadn’t gotten around to reading, as well as my laptop, thinking I would finally really get going on my next novel.  (I’ve been here two days now and haven’t gone there yet!)

Matt and Taylor were already on the way to NYC when I arrived at their home.  Their dogs–Brody the pug and Bailey the miniature schnauzer–were happy to see me and helped me get settled in.  They have been absolutely the best doggies ever (besides my own, of course!)!  

I have been pretty busy so far, but more about my thrifting adventures later. . .

Aren’t they cute?  Bailey on the left with little Brody.
Those coleus in the back look much better now after watering!
 My car’s thermometer read 106 today in Dallas!