fall Life Memoirs

Wait for it Wednesday: Fall Fashion Preview!

Ever since I was a preteen I have loved looking at models in fashion magazines.  In sixth grade I fell in love with the Partridge Family and David Cassidy, of course, but when I found out that Susan Dey, who played the older sister on the show, was also a model, I saved up my small allowance and bought a Seventeen magazine with her photo on the cover.  I even noticed the ads in Archies comic books for models and wished I could have flown to New York to try my luck. I was small for my age, and when I stopped growing at 5’2″ I realized that my dream of becoming a model would probably never happen.
So my love of science and literature and writing took over.  However, one thing remains–my giddy anticipation of the fall fashion magazines.  Not that I could ever afford most of the clothing pictured, but I could see how outfits were put together, color schemes, types of shoes and bags, etc., etc.  It just made the dog days of August a bit more bearable as I dreamed of cooler weather with clothes that covered more of my fair white body. Today the giddy returned.  Decades later, I still felt the same excitement when the Fall Fashion issues of InStyle and Marie Claire arrived in the mail.  I couldn’t wait to plop down and pour over the photos of fashion trends and outfits.  Such a treat to find out that short boots are all the rage, and that feathers, fur, and fringe are what to wear this upcoming fall season. 
I could do like everyone else and hit the malls, but oh no, I accept the far greater challenge of finding outfit pieces at thrift stores.  What a triumph it will be when I put together an outfit worthy of the pages of InStyle on a fraction of the cost others will pay.  And maybe I will post photos on here!  Stay tuned. . .