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Whatever Wednesday: At the booth

Today was booth day.  I visit my and my sister’s booth at the antique mall at least once a week to see if anything has sold, to replenish or add items, and to tweak displays.  
Today I was pleasantly surprised to find that two of my sister’s chenille bedspreads had sold, as well as a teeny Mexican dress.  And I sold another rag curtain!

Custom Rag Curtain

I added a stool I had taken out of my original booth and repainted and added rags to it.

Then I added a couple of small items and moved all the wedding stuff together.  Here are some updated shots of the booth.  

Business in our booth has been a bit slow, but hopefully with the tourist season upon us, it will pick up.

When you are in Mineola, visit Uniques & Antiques!  Check out all the wonderful treasures, and make a purchase!



Meaningless Drivel Monday: We’ll leave the light on. . .

As I write this, it is almost Tuesday, but I have to share anyway.  On Saturday hubby worked hard readjusting the window air conditioner in the Scamp so that the water would flow out of the camper instead of in!  It was a thankless job.  

I helped him remove all the foam insulation we had sprayed around it previously, which is what you see covering the ground.  Then we had to push and pull the little unit around so he could figure out how to reset it.  He ended up having to cut a piece of the window frame (GASP!) and then adding some wood to the frame.

As I walked back into the house to begin dinner I looked back at the Scamp.  Daylight was disappearing, and the little string of camper lights shone through the doorway.  Looking like home.  Looking like our future little home away from home on wheels.  The sight gave me a really warm happy feeling.

I just can’t wait to get her on the road!



Meaningless Drivel Monday: It was a Scamptastic kind of day!

Today was a beautiful day to work on my Scamp trailer and I had to share my progress!  Today I actually cut the carpet piece that will go in the living area.  I did it myself!

But first I have to show you what I did with this ugly hole where the furnace used to be.

I cleaned it out the best I could and tucked some stray wires out of the way before placing this cola crate inside.

I also had an old wine crate that I picked up at a thrift store and thought it might fit on top of the cola crate.

Would you look at that?  They both fit!  I will have to figure out a way to anchor them to the fiberglass.  They will make cute shelves with a yardstick barrier across them and a curtain to cover the space.

Now for the carpet.  I brought some contractor’s paper out to the Scamp to make a template, but realized that all I needed to do was take measurements and then do the cutting in the house.  If I had a workshop space I would have done it there but the kitchen floor worked just fine.

This is the area I needed to cover.  Hubby had already done the “upstairs.”

Yukky, huh?  That is glue residue from the old carpet.  It has a solid floor, though!
Step up to the “upstairs.”  It’s a two-story, two-bedroom trailer. . .just kidding.
Here’s the part I laid down.

Yes, there are wrinkles and uneven places.  I am letting the carpet sit a couple of days in the heat so it will relax before I make the final cuts and glue it down.  And hubby didn’t have to do it!
I couldn’t resist dragging the cushions out of my storage building and putting the new cushion covers on a couple of them.  I’ve had them packed away for over two years!  I had to give myself and you a sneak preview.

Isn’t that fabric cute?  And it looks so great with the wall color!  I am SO excited!  I can’t wait to get it all finished and put together. 

I’m going to leave you with this picture.  Try to guess what I will be doing with this old metal tray.

Give up?  Stay tuned!

Junkin' and Thriftin'

Meaningless Drivel Monday: From Old and Busted to New Hotness!

I have been busy!  This is the hardest I have ever worked while not working.  Keeping an antiques booth well-stocked and inviting is not an easy proposition.  I knew it would be work, but this much?  I love it, though!

Here is one of my latest projects.
“Old and Busted” (From Men in Black)
I picked up this nightstand at a thrift store for less than ten dollars.  After some Lowe’s signature paint, new knobs, and a little scrapbook paper decoupage, this is how it ended up, in my car ready for my booth.
“New Hotness”
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I also lined the drawers with scrapbook paper that I glued down with Mod Podge.  

For more of my handiwork, check out my booth Facebook page, A.C. Junk ‘n’ Stuff.  And give me a “like” while you are there!

On a second, more serious note, I would like to offer my condolences to everyone affected by the explosions at the Boston Marathon today.  I am sickened by the senseless violence and saddened for the victims and their loved ones.  If ever there was a time for us to pray, it is now.



At Home Monday A.K.A. Meaningless Drivel Monday

That new title “Meaningless Drivel Monday” is my sister’s contribution.  I told her that I needed to work on my blog, and she said it in jest, but I actually like it!  So, from now on, At Home Monday is Meaningless Drivel Monday.  A little more descriptive of my blogging, don’t you think?  *chuckle*

A rag shower curtain I made and sold to order.
Today I finished up a three-part rag curtain order.  If you have looked at my Etsy shop, you know that I sell custom rag curtains.  I got the idea from a bridal show I went to with my daughter and actually made one to use in her wedding.  After the wedding I decided to try listing it on Etsy and taking custom orders.  Since then I have had several orders, even if by only one customer, but word is spreading.  I put my original curtain in my booth at Uniques & Antiques and this past week it sold!

The first rag curtain I made and sold to order.  The customer uses it in her kitchen.

I purchase my fabric (usually curtains and tablecloths) from thrift stores and cut them into strips that I tie onto jute twine.  It is a labor-intensive and time-consuming job, but very rewarding.  I have to measure each strip and the length of the twine to customer specification, but cutting the strips doesn’t have to be precise at all.  Jagged and raveled edges just add to the overall charm.

I found out quickly that I did not charge enough for the time and labor, so I will be adjusting my prices to reflect that.  I still plan to offer a better product for less.

I plan to make some rag curtains for my Scamp trailer as well.  I plan to add among the burlap, tulle, and muslin some of the upholstery fabric I used in the cushion covers.  I can’t wait to start on those!

The rag curtains also make cute skirts, like the skirt on the old chair I made a couple of weeks ago.  (that post here)  I also think they would make cute gypsy prom skirts, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.  Don’t tell anyone!  ; )

Rag curtain or skirt, anyone?