We arrived home last night weary but refreshed from our short little vacation, but I was way too tired from all that driving to even think about looking at a computer screen.  We put in about eight hours driving from Marble Falls through Burnet, Llano, San Saba, Goldthwaite, then up toward Hillsboro, Ennis, to Canton, and then home.  

We didn’t do a lot of stopping, but we did have a very tasty lunch at the famed Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls.  This little hometown cafe has had famous diners such as Texas governor Rick Perry, former President and First Lady George and Laura Bush, and our son and daughter-in-law Matt and Taylor Coker!  They serve breakfast 24 hours a day but we chose to have lunch instead.  And since this little cafe is renown for their sky-high meringue pies, we had to sample a piece of pie!  After all, they sell T-shirts that proclaim “In Pie We Crust!”  

Man, my tacos and Jimmy’s club sandwich were good, but that coconut meringue pie and that chocolate meringue pie were to die for!  Check out that meringue!  I washed mine down with a strong cup of joe and practically floated out the door.  That place is on my list of places to revisit!

Okay, now for Thursday’s theme–hunting.  Jimmy and I are catching the fever as the evening temperatures are beginning to get a little cooler and the days are getting a little shorter.
We practiced shooting our bows in our own private backyard archery range before venturing out just before dusk with binoculars to see if the deer were stirring, and sure enough, they were!  
On the golf course near our home we spotted two does.  A few miles down the road across from a large horse ranch we spotted two good-sized bucks and a doe.  We were able to gaze at them for a long time, and they let us without getting spooked.
I spotted another doe just a short distance across the road hopping through the brush, and then closer to our country road, we spotted four in a distant meadow.  Driving closer to home, we stopped in front of an old pasture gate to see four does looking right back at us.
Beautiful whitetail deer are everywhere around us.  We just hope they stay around for a few more months.  



Thrifty Hunter Thursday: Practice Time!

I was thrilled last summer when my husband bought me a new Mathews Mission Craze pink camouflage bow.  I had been practicing with an ancient PSE.  The Craze was a whole new experience.  This fall will be my second archery season with my beautiful bow, and I intend to be much stronger and more accurate than I was last  year.  If a deer had walked right out in front of me last fall, I’m not sure I would have been able to hit it with an arrow.

However, I have more practice under my belt, and once this Texas weather cools off to the lower 90’s again, I will be outside practicing as much as I can.  

We are very fortunate to have some acreage outside city limits where we can set up targets and shoot freely without fear of an arrow going where it shouldn’t.  My husband Jimmy and I enjoy going out to the backyard in the cool of the late afternoon and shooting a few arrows.  It’s a friendly competition to see who can be more accurate.  So far, he has beat me, but he has been using a bow a lot longer than I have.  

He actually shot his first buck with a bow last year.  He was so proud.  With the doe I shot on opening day, we are still enjoying venison and it is almost summer’s end!  Jimmy also bought a European skull mount kit and cleaned the deer skull himself.  That is another story.  For now, I will share some photos of me in our backyard with my Mission Craze bow.

Me and the Craze!  (complete with goofy grin!)
Working on proper form. . .

                                                                                    Watch out, deer!
April  xoxo


My two deer kills. . .

My first deer was taken opening day of deer season in November 2010.  I got my second deer Thanksgiving weekend 2011.  Both were shot with my trusty Remington 243 rifle I purchased from Walmart!  I must admit that I was sad to see them die, but the venison in the freezer has been well worth it.  Here are the photos. . .