Meaningless Drivel Monday: Scamp Update (Lots of Photos!)

Remember this little guy? (gal?)

Progress has been slow on her restoration but today I got back inside and made some progress!

I caulked the gaps between the pieces of Ensolite that line the walls.  I had already painted them a light sage green using Behr ultra latex paint.  I am so happy with that color!  
When the caulk is dry I will go in and paint it the same color as the walls.  Yes, I know that foam around the air conditioning unit is ridiculous.  It was a temporary fix until I can get in there and trim it to fit.  

I finished all the rag curtains but had to take them down to caulk and paint.  I can’t wait to show you what they look like up.  So cute!  Visit my Etsy shop to order some for yourself!  
Hubby had to extend the floor in front of the door because the door was bent out a bit.  It was much easier to fix it that way than to try and bend the door back.  We just need to add a threshold and carpet now.
I primed the cabinet doors which will be painted red to match the upholstery fabric.  That hole in the countertop was where the cooktop stove used to be.  It will be covered with a board and a microwave oven.
This opening held the furnace which we removed.  It will be made into storage and covered with another rag curtain.
I haven’t decided where the butterfly chalkboard will end up, but it is cute!
The sitting area with potty cabinet door primed and floor ready for carpet.
The cupboards over the bed and bench, and the potty chair door, will be painted turquoise.
This is the door to the closet primed and ready for red paint.  Some turquoise paint was left on the paintbrush but it will be repainted anyway.
Lucy the cat keeps me company while I work.  She usually ends up with some paint on her fur!
Molly (left) and Maggie, two of our Boston terriers, watch Lucy from the backyard.  
Whitey also watches Lucy.
Lucy ignores them, of course.
There is still much work to do.  She also needs a good scrubbing and some new paint on the exterior.  All in due time, all in due time.  

Let me know what you think of our progress!




The day broke clear and cool.  I got up early, dressed, and woke my night owl husband.  We heard my dad fire up his old Ford pickup that we would be borrowing to make the move to the antique mall.  He’s so awesome that he drove it over to our carport and left the keys in it.  We live just next door, and–no worries–out in the country.  Thanks, Daddy!

Jimmy and I drove down to Dad’s barn to retrieve some old doors we had used in my daughter’s wedding, which would now be set up as temporary walls to border my booth.  Then we stopped at one of his storage buildings to get a framed piece of lattice I would use on the opposite wall.  We completed our load by piling in the stuff off the porch and out of our storage building.

He followed me in my packed SUV to the antique mall where my sister and niece met us with an old tin and wood shelf unit she let me borrow and hopefully sell.  They also stayed to lend their muscle!  (Many thanks, Sharon and Libbie!  And many thanks to my wonderful hubby for his muscle and patience and support!)

It only took us about an hour to get everything unloaded and the walls and furniture arranged.  I then spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon arranging everything in what I hope is an eye-pleasing, inviting mini-store that I will have trouble keeping stocked!  Here are the promised photos:

There’s my sister’s tin and wood shelf unit.  She used it in her kitchen before her remodel.   A steal at $65.00!  Come see!  She also gave me those little shelves that I painted.

A pile of old bicycle and motorcycle wheels in an old trunk beckon to browsers.  There are also gears and such for the steampunk fan.

A rag curtain hangs on two old doors that separate my booth from my neighbors’.  I take custom orders.  See my Etsy shop–A.C. Junk ‘n’ Stuff.  I also added a small Christmas tree that I will be decorating for the seasons.  Now it is a LOVE tree for Valentine’s Day, topped with a wedding veil and hat.

Who is that hot middle-aged woman?  Oh!  It’s me!  (just kidding, LOL)

Lots of the stuff from my daughter’s wedding found its way into the booth.  All those signs are also offered on my Etsy shop.  That’s my old wedding dress. . .was I really that teeny?  My mom handpainted the flowers on the back rungs of the yellow chair.
Great news!  I actually had my first sale today!  That little black desk with the typewriter sitting on it was my first booth sale!  Break out the bubbly!

I forgot to take pictures of the Valentine display in the pink suitcase.  I’ll try to get to that soon. . .unless the items are all gone when I go back!  No complaints there!

Have a wonderful weekend!



THRIFTY HUNT THURSDAY: Tomorrow’s the day!

My front porch tonight!

My Escape ready to escape!

Don’t you love my giraffe print throw protecting the back of the folded down seat?
What is all this junk, you ask?  It’s just a fraction of the stuff that hubby and I will be hauling in my car and in my dad’s truck to my rented space at Uniques & Antiques in Mineola, Texas tomorrow!  Yes, tomorrow is the day I have been looking forward to for like, 28 years!

That is almost as long as I taught school!  I have to be honest, though.  I hadn’t made it a real goal until it became a possibility a few months ago when I retired.  It’s just that when the junkin’ bug hit my parents years ago when my now 28-year-old son was a baby, we would tag along with them to antique and junk shops where I would imagine what it would be like to be in that business.

So now I get to find out.  I may find out that junk dealing and repurposing will be my second career, or I may find out that it won’t be financially feasible.  Either way, I will have fun.  Whether it will be for a couple of months or longer is in God’s hands.  I’m just grateful for this opportunity.

If you happen to come to Mineola, visit the antique mall called Uniques & Antiques on Line Street near the railroad tracks just off Hwy. 80.  I am vendor #03, A.C. Junk ‘n’ Stuff.  You can also find me on Etsy under the same name.  Photos of my decorated booth will be forthcoming.  Happy junkin’!



RANDOM FRIDAY: Yes, on Saturday. . .it’s Lucky Charms!

Our family is a talented bunch, and I don’t think I’m bragging.  I mean, we have singers, artists, pianists, guitarists, writers, mechanics, teachers, carpenters, cooks, and amateur comedians on both sides of our families, and that isn’t a complete list.  

In my own family, I consider myself a writer–after all, I do write this blog, and have had two books published–and I have a wonderful grown daughter who is a talented artist and sculptor.  She enjoys working with tiny bits of clay to make teeny little charms that she offers for sale in her Etsy shop, CharmshopNdrop.

This is an example of one of the charms she has listed, but she has many more than this.  She also has her own YouTube channel and will take commissions.  Check out her work!

Polymer Clay Mamegoma Surprise