Wedded Bliss Wednesday: Selectively Strong Enough

We were leaving Canton First Monday a few weeks ago when Hubby made an intriguing observation.  Actually, he posed it as a question. . .
“Why is it that when women need something moved at home they get their husbands to do it, but when they are shopping they can lift and carry almost anything themselves?”
He asked this question, of course, while observing several women toting hefty purchases such as large mirrors, heavy ironwork, and overladen flea market carts across a busy highway crosswalk.
“Why should they risk hurting themselves when there is a strong man present?”  I replied, hoping he would take it as an affirmation of his manhood and muscles and all that testosterone and machismo.
“Hm,” he muttered.  “I just figured they were trying to get out of hard work.”
Touche.  That, too.

TEACHER TUESDAY: Dear Boy at the Flea Market

You were carrying a bulldog puppy as we walked past you.  Memories of my own ill-fated bulldog relationship flooded my soul as I blurted out:  “Aw, a bulldog!  Can I see?”
You brought me abruptly to earth with a stinging retort.  “You got eyes, don’tcha?”
“Excuse me?”  My teacher self came out.  I turned to one of the ladies with him, possibly his mother.  The other one may have been his grandmother.
“What did he say?” she asked.
To you I responded, “I am a high school teacher, and I DON’T PUT UP WITH THAT.”
“Ha ha, she told you!” the lady laughed. Wonder where you learned to be so rude? 
“I didn’t like any of my high school teachers,” you replied. But my husband and I were already petting the darling puppy that you had lowered from your shoulder in spite of yourself. 
“Oh well, you would have liked me,” I said with a smile.  “Have you named him yet?”
I don’t recall what you said, but your demeanor had immediately softened.  I had won yet another teenager over with a smile, a common interest, and a refusal to be treated with disrespect.
That’s the key, you see.  Teenagers are begging for an adult who will listen to them, not just to their words but also to their needs.   Apparently this boy had a history of unpleasant encounters with his teachers, and probably his administrators.  I countered his rudeness with a lighthearted remark and a smile, and showed an interest in his new puppy.  It wasn’t even my goal to win him over.  I just wanted to pet the puppy.  I wonder how they are doing now.  
The boy and his puppy.
Never underestimate your power as a teacher.


Yep, it is Canton weekend.  If you haven’t heard, the tiny town of Canton, Texas has a four-day event every first Monday weekend, commonly known as First Monday.  First Monday Trade Days is possibly the largest flea market in the world, and I live only 20 miles from it!  

My husband and I usually go every month until it gets too hot.  We always hit it in October and November, and this weekend was the October one.  But fall hasn’t made it here yet.  We went early (which for us is 9:30), hoping to stay until noon, but by the time we grabbed lunch and resumed shopping, the sweltering 87 degrees with 80% humidity sucked all the fun out of it.  

image from here  I LOVE the touch of turquoise!

We left before noon, but not before I snagged this new tee shirt from Girls Gone Junkin’ and found some burlap coffee bags at a steal for three for five bucks!  Not sure what I will do with them. . .maybe some wedding decor, or maybe curtains for the Scamp, or maybe both!

Anyway, if you haven’t visited Canton, Texas during First Monday Trade Days, you are missing a treat.  Next month it should be cooler.  If you come, just be sure and wear comfortable shoes and bring plenty of cash!  You can find ANYTHING there!

Hope to see you there!