Being a Grandparent

When Grandparenting isn’t Fun

Impossible, you say. Everyone knows that being a grandparent is a barrel of fun. And yes, it is, until someone gets sick.

The Evil Norovirus attacked my granddaughters and me with a vengeance this week, and it took no prisoners. My daughter called me Tuesday and asked me if I could come help her because the baby was sick. Being the loving mother and grandmother I am, I of course went to give her some time to rest and clean and run to the grocery store. Three-year-old granddaughter entertained me and we played while the little one slept. 
Asleep on the “Coco-pedic.” As much as I hate for them to be sick, I do love the cuddling.
The next morning I got word that TYO was now sick. Before I raced to the rescue I noticed that my stomach was a little off but I told myself it was nothing. At D’s house I held towels next to my sweet G’s mouths as they vomited and held them when they cried. I helped D clean up around the house when I could. Just after lunch my own tummy announced its displeasure. I made the wise decision to go on home, not wanting to leave the girls but afraid of what might happen if I didn’t. Turns out I made the right choice.
They stayed here all day.  So not normal.

My tummy had my north and south poles revolting all night long and into the next morning, leaving me weak and five pounds lighter. (That last part didn’t last!) Yep, all that grandma loving left me wide open for some norovirus love. And if that’s love, I’d hate to see the hate!

Too sick to play with the new Play-doh set Mommy got her.

My daughter sent me some information she found on Reddit, which said in essence that the way the norovirus spreads is by being spewed forth in bodily fluid eruptions from the body. The virus causes fluid to be drawn from all over the body to provide a medium for itself. Horrible. All I need to convince me to wash my hands and disinfect all contacted surfaces. Another interesting tidbit? The usual disinfectants won’t kill the norovirus, so she ordered special wipes from Amazon. You can get them here, as well as other products that will kill viruses.

Baby during a burst of energy before bed.

It’s been six days, and still the girls don’t feel like themselves. TYO is still lying on the couch, but she is at least eating and playing a bit.  Baby eats well and plays, but tires easily and is fussy.  This old coot sprang back after two days, and even went to work yesterday. 

Happier days. . .

It’s hard to see my sweet grandbabies not feeling well. I’d give anything to chase them around outside, even while sweating in the 95-degree heat. I want to hear them giggling, whining, and even fighting with each other. They are the sunshine of this granny’s life, and I pray there’ll be many more sunny days ahead. Please God, make my babies feel good again.


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Being a Grandparent

Coco: World Traveler and Grandma Extraordinaire

One of the many beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

Can it be three months since my last post?  If you’re following my attempts at blogging, I apologize.  Life just gets in the way sometimes, and sometimes in a glorious fashion!

November found me most days at the little shop where I work part-time.  We got busy with Christmas gift wrapping earlier than usual this year, which required some schedule rearranging so I could be at work. It seemed that with Thanksgiving being a little early, our customers started their shopping earlier, and called upon us to wrap their treasures.  We’re not complaining, though.  We were very busy until Christmas Eve.

I got a break in the wrapping frenzy, though.  My son and his wife invited me to come along with them on vacation to help with my two-year-old grandson.  Destination?  Costa Rica!

One last chance to use my passport before it expired, and what a lovely way to do it!  We enjoyed a tropical paradise while everyone here had to dig out their heavy winter coats.  The Pacific Ocean was absolutely beautiful, the howler monkeys and iguanas fascinating, and the bonding time with my grandson priceless.

Me and grandson just before a wave hit him and made him scared of the beach the rest of the trip!
Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, so after ten days we returned to our daily lives, and me to the wrapping frenzy.  I’ll never forget my time with my son and his family, and I’ll forever treasure the moments my grandson and I shared.
I can’t believe I’m here!
“Tell me about the trains in the shower, Coco,” he says when we lay down for his nap.  Then I tell him the special bedtime story I made up just for him. “Nighty night, sleep tight!”
Being a Grandparent

Weebles wobble, toddlers toddle. . .

Is there anything more fun than observing the wonder of new discoveries in a toddler?  If you need a dose of joy, follow a toddler, defined by Merriam-Webster as “a young child who is just learning to walk.”  Wikipedia states that “a toddler is a child 12 to 36 months of age.”  I prefer Wikipedia’s version.  That makes me a crazy-in-love grandmother with two toddler grandchildren–one boy two years old and one girl 16 months old.  They are a hoot to watch.
The best place to observe is outdoors.  Recently my grandson came for a visit, and since he lives in the city, our country home with its wide open spaces drew him like honeybees to blooming redbud trees.  My parents live next door and when he spotted Peepaw’s varied collection of tractors, lawn mowers, and golf carts, he took off across their large yard like a stray dog caught eating cat food.  My son had to break into a run to catch him, because you know, out here, there are many dangers like wasps, snakes, and rusty nails that you don’t encounter where they live.
The little guy just couldn’t get to everything he wanted to see fast enough.  He flitted from one machine to the next, from one cat to the next, from one pile of dirt to the next.   We set him on mowers, tractors, trailers, and let him walk into Peepaw’s shop.  He chased the two cats, who are savvy enough to hide from him.  A couple of times I had to grab him before he got hurt or found an unfriendly insect or two, and he let me know his feelings about that in no uncertain terms.
Displaying IMG_5970.JPG
Our grandson with his Pop.  He can’t wait to get down and run!
The visit ended too quickly, but now he is old enough to remember Pop and Coco’s and Peepaw and Meemaw’s houses out in the country, and no doubt soon he will be reminding his parents to bring him more often.  We can hope, at least.
There was a Hasbro TV commercial back in the 70’s that said, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”  Well, toddlers toddle. . .and they don’t slow down!