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School on my mind

Today I dropped my beautiful grandson off at his elementary school for the first time ever. My heart swelled as he instructed me where to stop and let him out and as I watched him walk with the other children to the front doors of the school. His backpack secure on his back, wearing new Nike shoes and a new outfit from Gap, he seemed ready to take on the world.

Yesterday I asked him what his favorite part of school was. He replied, “I don’t know.” “So you like everything?” I asked. “Yes!” You can’t get better than that. I hope that positive attitude stays with him. I pray it does. I pray he always has today’s confidence and spirit. As a former teacher, I pray he carries that love of learning and being with friends throughout his life.

Today was my precious granddaughter’s first day of school, her first day of kindergarten. She doesn’t attend the same school as my grandson does, and I wasn’t able to be there, but her mom and dad and little sister dropped her off this morning. I wasn’t needed anyway. I did receive photos of her wearing the new outfit I bought her that said “Ready to rock kindergarten.” She posed proudly with her new lunch box and backpack, and later I saw a photo of her sitting in her classroom talking with her teacher. I pray today will be a good one for her, and that she will love school like her cousin does.

I hope soon to be able to pick her up from school, or maybe even to drop her off. These sweet and beautiful children make this grandma proud. I just wish their Pop was here to see them, but I suppose he is watching from Heaven and is as proud of them as their Coco is.

I will be like Mary, the mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who “treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19) Time flies, and I don’t want to miss a thing.

Speaking of school, my heart goes out to all the teachers, administrators, school staff, parents, and students. You are doing the best you can in very difficult circumstances: the threat of Covid 19, increasing regulations, and increasing pressure from all sides. May this school year be as free as possible from high stress and overwhelming frustration, and full of satisfaction and success. You deserve it!


Being a Grandparent

Blacelets, Coineys, and Oscar the Grouch

My two-year-old granddaughter has a language all her own, and it’s a delight to be around her.  As her “Coco,” I get to be around her at least two days a week, sometimes more.  With her baby sister arriving in a few weeks, I’m sure we’ll be spending even more time together.  She is a little tomboy who loves being outside and investigating all kinds of leaves, flowers, and bugs—could that be due to her biology teacher grandma? 

Observing nature from Peepaw’s trailer


But she is also all girl.  As soon as she was able to grab things, she zeroed in on my jewelry, and now she demands that I give her my “blacelets” when I am wearing my bangle bracelets. She likes to loop them on her wrists and ankles.  It’s what I call “blingage.”
Trying on Meemaw’s bracelets
Another of her favorite activities is playing with her Peepaw’s (my dad’s) coins from a little box on his chest of drawers.  She picks up the “coineys,” sorts and counts them, and then throws them.  That’s when they go back into the box and we find something else to do.
When “Tootie” is tired of trekking the acres of my parents and our adjoining property and playing with blacelets and coineys, it is time to settle in for an afternoon nap.  That’s when she wants me to read “How to be a Grouch” by Oscar the Grouch of “Sesame Street.” 
Between Oscar’s antics, blacelets, and coineys, staying at Coco and Pop’s makes for a tired toddler indeed.  Nighty night.

Saturday Ramblings: Self-image vs. reality

The other day I got ready for work, thinking I looked really cute in my jeans, ruffled lacy tank, and lace zipper jacket.  I work one day a week at Festival of Flags, a little gift-wrapping and flag shop in Tyler. Unfortunately we weren’t very busy so no one got to see how cute my outfit was!  
The next Thursday I dressed even cuter, and we had more business but not even one person made a comment about my outfit!  
Today I realized why.  I was shopping at a darling little boutique in Canton called LaurieAnna’s Vintage Home, and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  There seems to be a HUGE difference in my perception of myself and how I really look to the world.  My grandmother used to sum it up with these words:  “I look in the mirror and I ask, ‘Who is that old woman?'”
Because you see, walking past that mirror was not the cute young woman I expected to see, but a chunky middle-aged woman with more than a bit of a muffin top and double chin.  What the heck?  When did THAT happen?  I mean, I check myself in my mirror at home before I venture out into the world, but I certainly don’t see the image I see when I am in public!
Oh well.  Who wants a skinny grandma, I always say.  Not that I’m a grandma yet, but I could certainly pass for one.  I guess I’ll always be 25, thin, and cute in my mind.  Now to find mirrors that lie, at least a little.