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Meaningless Drivel Monday: An inspiration house

A couple of weeks ago I found myself house- and dog-sitting for my son Matt and his wife Taylor. They have two adorable dogs–a little black pug named Brodie, and a spunky little black miniature Schnauzer named Bailey.  I love my “granddogs,” as I call them, and they love me!  They were excited when I arrived to stay with them for a few days, but they were ecstatic when I returned a couple of weeks later to stay with them a few more days!

Bailey and Brodie in the backyard on a hot day.  I did water those wilted plants!
“Wake up, Grandma!” says Bailey on a late morning sleep-in.
“Whut?’ says Brodie, just waking up.

I didn’t have a lot to do since they have a yard guy and a housekeeper so I spent my time reading, writing a little, eating, and watching TV on their giant flat screen, when I wasn’t out thrift store shopping!  Their decor is minimal and very Restoration Hardware, which of course made me want to declutter as soon as I got home.  Of course, after I talked to my mom, she said,
“April, you can’t get rid of all your stuff.  It’s you!”
Which, of course, is true.  The longer I am back at home, the more truly I am at home, in my own what-some-would-call-cluttered little nest.  

Matt and Taylor’s home is a sprawling 1960’s ranchstyle home with updated everything, and they are still looking for the perfect home decor items.  I just had to take some photos and share.  Taylor has impeccable taste, in my opinion!  Like I said, staying in their home made me want to declutter, paint, and redecorate my own home, which I plan to start doing very soon, no matter what Mom said.  As soon as I can figure out what to do with all my stuff. . .

The dining area with mason jar chandelier from Etsy.
The Craigslist leather sectional in the front room, or Matt’s man cave, as he calls it!
Don’t you love those shutters?  Every window in the house has those!
Front entry metal art from First Monday Trade Days in Canton.  Custom paint job by Matt.
Elegant master bedroom.
Even the vintage built-in at the end of the hallway looks stylish and serves as a great place for photos.
China cabinet in breakfast nook with French art.  Love the shade of green on the walls!
The bar in the man cave.  Taylor made the chalkboards herself!
New metal and wood console cabinet in man cave hides the electronics under the giant flat screen.
Photo does not do it justice–I must get a good camera!
(Of course, I didn’t notice the Botox ad on the screen until I posted this!)

Are you inspired by someone’s home you visit?Please share!