Junkin' and Thriftin'

Canton Junkin’ Trip

Visiting First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas is usually not an option for me during the summer months.  Any time the temperatures rise above 90, you can count me out for outside activities.  I don’t like to sweat, and the heat takes all the fun out of whatever I’m supposed to be doing.  I’m fair-skinned and faint-hearted!

One of my favorite junk spots at the flea market.

But the first weekend of August this year was different.  A rare cold front blessed us with rain and temperatures in the 80’s, so we went to Canton!  Nothing’s funner in the summer than some good junkin.’ (Pardon the grammar.)
I took some pictures of some of my favorite spots in the world’s largest flea market so you can see what I mean.

Great selection of tailgates!  They make such cute benches and headboards, according to Pinterest.
My partner in crime and marriage.  Canton is our favorite hangout.
Just a view of the many vendors on one of the many street corners.
This vintage Shasta trailer certainly caught my eye!  Quite a few vendors bring along their campers.
I really liked this homemade lighted marquee arrow.
Another vintage camper brought by a vendor.
Plenty of minions for you and for me!  Cute little cookers? 
My favorite junk spot.  Rows and rows of tables piled with junk!
The vendor always comes down on his prices, too!
Antlers galore!
Industrial pieces everywhere.
And when you get tired, you can purchase your own seat!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  It likely won’t be cool enough to return until October or November.  I’m so lucky that I only live about 20 miles from Canton!

I’d love to meet you there!
It’s the best junkin’ spot ever!



THRIFTY HUNT THURSDAY: Look what I found today!

Deer hunting is done until September, so I am taking off the “er” in “Thrifty Hunter” and making Thursday the day of the thrifty hunt!  Not for animals, but for treasures!

Look what I found in today’s junkin’ expedition!

A polished wooden owl napkin holder with spaces for salt and pepper shakers. . .my daughter stole this from me!

A beautiful vintage china doll head. . . can you see the crazing on her neck? 

A vintage gas tank for boat motors. . .a steal!

An old Santa mug with all the red color rubbed off. . .perfect for my white Christmas decor!  And he was free!

Another FREEBY I found in Daddy’s junk:  my grandmother’s 1957 World Book stand.  Priceless.

A chippy white cast iron napkin holder for my dinette. . .

Now I have a perfectly good reason for gathering more stuff. . .I will be opening a booth in a local antiques mall in February!  I am so excited!  Stay tuned!