Random Friday: Airstream love

Have I mentioned that I was one of Miranda’s teachers in high school?  I ran the program that allowed her to graduate early so she could pursue her music career.  Operation Graduation not only allowed her to finish her high school credits while working late night gigs in East Texas, it was also responsible for graduating Mark “Tex” Adams, who built motorcycles for motocross superstars Travis Pastrana and James Stewart.  Sadly, Mark died earlier this year after being struck by a car while aiding a friend stranded on a highway in Florida.  Best friends Miranda and Mark graduated in 2002 and were also classmates of my son Matt’s.

Miranda snapped this photo with my phone at a Teachers Count photo shoot in Nashville!

Many other students who might have dropped out of school were able to graduate under this alternative program, which I developed and directed for 19 years at Lindale High School.  Among my 300+ former students are nurses, business owners, college graduates, and also my own daughter and future son-in-law!  Alternative education is near and dear to my heart, as you can tell.  I have also been heavily involved in the Texas Association for Alternative Education, in which I am a past president.

This post was supposed to be about my love of Airstream campers, but I guess I will discuss that another time. . .my students matter so much more!

April  xoxo

Pride and sadness. . .

You may have heard of the tragic accident that claimed the life of a young man who

stopped on the side of a Florida highway to assist a stranded motorist.
As he stepped to the driver side window, another vehicle slammed into them,
killing the young man who happened to be one of my former students
and one of my son’s childhood friends.
I also taught with his mother in the high school Mark and my children attended.
Please pray for this distraught family, and please pay attention when you drive!

Here’s a link to an article describing the tragedy:
 Mark is second from left; my son Matt is third from left.
Mark at high school graduation, a proud moment for his mother and me!
What a privilege to have known this young man.  May we meet again someday. . .