You know those women’s magazines that feature a celebrity with her purse, showing what she carries inside?  I thought it might be fun to do that with my own bag.  Here goes. . .

The bag:  by Fossil Brand.  I found it at Goodwill Stores for only $5.00!  I love the summery feel of the stripe, and since it was going to be my carryall for summer, I didn’t mind the faint spots on the outside.  It has three main compartments inside along with two slip pockets and a large side zipper pocket!  It also features a real brass signature Fossil key with woodgrain on the back, and two pockets on the ends.  Love this steal!

Leather-look skinny wallet:  I got this at Cracker Barrel because I love the tooled leather look.  It is actually an Alan Jackson design!  It keeps me from stuffing every bit of paper or card in the world in it.  I have to be picky or it won’t stay closed.

New York cosmetic bag:  I keep all kinds of goodies in this bag. . .lipsticks, eye drops. gum, even a pair of granny panties just in case (you know, accidents happen). . .my son bought it in NYC!

Hand sanitizer and moist wipes:  for those random stops at thrift stores and junk shops.  It gets dirty!

Pens, Sharpie, notepad:  notes to self while driving, writing checks, signing autographs. . .

Glitter nail file, two shades of lipstick, hairspray:  ’nuff said.  I don’t stay this pretty without touch-ups. . .

Keys:  the little one-eyed dog is a Coach key fob I bought while at a Coach Factory Store with friends.  They all bought purses.  I got a key fob.  He used to have both eyes.  I don’t know what happened. . .Doesn’t everyone carry pepper spray on their key ring?

Pink-grip 38 Special:  Yes, I am licensed and packin’!  Don’t 
mess with Mama!  

What’s in YOUR bag?