A girl’s just gotta get away. . .

Last week I ran away.
Not literally.
I loaded up Li’l Scampin’ Annie (my vintage Scamp travel trailer) and headed east.
My destination was only 40 miles away but it could have been 400, as far away from my
day-to-day life as it seemed.

Annie in the snow a week before I left.  Hubby surprised me by giving her a good bath before my trip.
I was embarking on my first Get’away Gals camping trip!  The Get’away Gals is a ladies only camping group that branched off from Sisters on the Fly.  You may have heard of them.  The GG’s, as we call them, include ladies from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma and limit their group to 500 members.

I was lucky enough to be accepted into their membership last August, but this would be my first camping trip with them.  I couldn’t have been more excited.

My “homestead” at the campground.
It was no small preparation!  For weeks I made lists and more lists in an effort to make sure I didn’t forget a thing.  Departure day finally arrived.

Most of us double-parked so more ladies could attend.  I shared my spot with a cute vintage Shasta trailer.
Being the newbie camper that I am, I asked Hubby to follow me to the campground to make sure I set up correctly.  As it turned out, I backed the trailer in just fine and was able to unhook her and set her up all by myself.  At least my mother felt better about me going.  She didn’t want me traveling by myself.  I guess you never stop being mothered by your mother, if you’re lucky enough to still have her around.

Welcome to my crib!
The fun was soon to begin.
Stay tuned for details!


Scamp Tales Tuesday: We survived to tell about our Scampventure!

After three years of fixing, waiting, and more fixing, hubby and I finally got to test Scampin’ Annie on a real honest-to-goodness camping trip.  This is the first photo we have taken of her away from home turf!  Unfortunately, about 35 miles down the road, we noticed that we had already lost a part off her!  At least it wasn’t a vital one–just a vent grille from behind her refrigerator.  But it hurt my pride and Annie’s.  She had to make the rest of the journey with a gaping hole in her side!  

Here’s a photo of her with the missing vent panel.  She didn’t let it slow her down any.
Of course, no trip is complete without a trip to Walmart.  There are always things forgotten or needed.  In this case it was a fire extinguisher, a jack, wheel chocks, folding chairs, snacks, bottled water, and soda.  Here is Jimmy walking ahead of me to the back corner of the parking lot where he thought it was safe for me to park.  : )
After about 200 more miles and only one more stop to stretch our legs, we finally arrived at our campground, Oak Thicket Park on Lake Fayette near LaGrange.  I practiced unhooking the trailer from the hitch, leveling the trailer, and hooking up the electricity.  Then I set up our chairs and decorated the picnic table and driveway while Jimmy fixed a tail light that decided to stop working.  In 98 degree heat, it wasn’t much fun for him, but he didn’t complain.  Much.

Lake Fayette provides water for a nearby power plant.  Not exactly a picture perfect view, but it was quiet.

Our first Scamp camp.
Looks kinda homey, huh?
Of course, I had to add the obligatory pink flamingos.  My sister Sharon found the sign in a thrift store!
Home, sweet home, at least for one night.  Camping space number 20.
I backed her in myself!
And here are the happy Scampers checking out the fishing dock before dusk forced us inside.  

More of our sightseeing and evening in the camper next time!  

Stay tuned. . .



Meaningless Drivel Monday: We’ll leave the light on. . .

As I write this, it is almost Tuesday, but I have to share anyway.  On Saturday hubby worked hard readjusting the window air conditioner in the Scamp so that the water would flow out of the camper instead of in!  It was a thankless job.  

I helped him remove all the foam insulation we had sprayed around it previously, which is what you see covering the ground.  Then we had to push and pull the little unit around so he could figure out how to reset it.  He ended up having to cut a piece of the window frame (GASP!) and then adding some wood to the frame.

As I walked back into the house to begin dinner I looked back at the Scamp.  Daylight was disappearing, and the little string of camper lights shone through the doorway.  Looking like home.  Looking like our future little home away from home on wheels.  The sight gave me a really warm happy feeling.

I just can’t wait to get her on the road!



At Home Monday: A windy, cold, Scampy day!

Remember this little gal?

I’m back to working on her again!  Today I made lots of headway painting the interior walls.  She has this weird foamy wall covering that I tried to clean with all sorts of cleaners, but nothing seemed to faze it; in fact, one cleaner I used actually left little holes!  (Must have been the bleach)  

When I figured out that no ordinary cleaner would get rid of the stubborn spots of mildew and discoloration, I decided to try spray paint.  Have you ever used spray paint in a space of only about 100 square feet?  I wore a mask, but it was still suffocating.  And the spray paint did not dry evenly and left the Ensolite wall foam stuff STICKY!  Can you imagine the hair, fur, dust, flies, etc. that would eventually end up stuck on the walls?  Gag!

So. . .I left it for awhile.  A long while.  About two years, to be exact.  Not just because I couldn’t figure out what to do with the interior walls, but I took a new job that required two hours of daily commuting which didn’t leave much time for Scamp restoration. Now that I am retired, I have much more time to devote to my little fiberglass gal.

One day as I rummaged through my utility closet looking for something, my eye fell on several small paint samples I had saved from our house-painting project.  It was a light bulb moment–one of the samples was light sage Behr premium ultra flat, perfect for the Scamp.  As soon as I could I was out in the camper slapping some of it on the walls.  In 24 hours, I checked it.  No stickiness, flawless coverage.  I had found my wall solution!  After a trip to Home Depot for more paint, this is what I have accomplished:

Poor little bedroom area.  Hubby and I removed the mattress, cushions, curtains, stripping her down.  Note the dirty white Ensolite walls with the yellowed tape strips.
The fiberglass compartment provides storage and covers wiring.  Hubby lifted it out to install new carpeting.   Note the new light sage walls.  The yellowed tape has been removed and will be replaced by flexible white caulking.  New cushion covers will be added to the top of the compartment, providing a base for a newly designed bedroom area which can double as a dining area if I like.
This window air conditioning unit stopped working so we replaced it with another one.  These little campers were not designed to carry a rooftop a/c unit.  Some Scamp renovators have installed a/c units in the closet or in the back window but for now we will leave it on the side.  More dirty Ensolite, and a yucky dirty mattress cover!  Ew!

That foam around the a/c unit will be replaced.  New sage paint on the walls!
I also started painting the other area, the “living area,” where there will be a little bench seat near the door.  Originally it would convert to bunk beds, making room for a very cozy camping experience for four!  I will not be bothering with the bunk beds.  

I can’t wait to finish painting and get the bed and seat put together with the new cushions!  I will also be painting over the woodgrain cabinet doors–not sure what color yet.  Stay tuned for the next Scampy day report!  



AT HOME MONDAY: Back to the Scamp!

Remember this little guy (gal)?  I posted about over a year ago?  Or was it two years?  My husband and I fully intended to restore this little doll and use her at our deer hunting site.  (I can’t call it a deer lease because we don’t actually lease the land. . .it belongs to my brother and sister-in-law.)  She got put on the back burner after I got a teaching job 70 miles from home and had neither the time nor energy to devote to her. So she sat there, all forlorn and mildewy, until last week when I started working on her again!  (God bless retirement!)

We had already replaced the little air conditioner, pulled up the carpet and started putting a new piece down, removed the seat cushions and compartment doors, and scrubbed the walls and ceiling down.  However, sitting neglected for that long just invited more mildew, so it’s back to square one.

Part of the dinette area bench with storage underneath.

Last week I finished painting the inside of the closet, and today I painted part of the rear ceiling and wall, using Behr Premium Plus Ultra flat latex paint in Pale Sagebrush.  I used a paint sample left over from painting our house, so I ran out quickly.  I’ll have to make another trip to Home Depot before I can continue painting.  Sponge brushes work well but wear out very quickly, so I switched to a cheap two-inch paintbrush.

The unfinished floor.

New paint makes all the difference.  I am thinking about using paper on the sides and putting a base shelf on the bottom over the wheel well, so I can put a plastic drawer unit inside.  Other ideas?

Work pile on top of the front bench.  There’s a porta potty behind that little door.

Unwelcome visitor on one bench.

More trespassers on the countertop!  There must be a nest somewhere.

Nothing gets your pumper pumping like glancing down while you’re painting to see a red wasp about eight inches away, walking up the wall towards you.  For those of you unfamiliar, these wasps are as angry as their color and pack a very painful stinger!  Thank goodness he was wobbly because of the cooler weather.  He wore a wet coat of paint to his funeral, but no hymns were sung!  Just one big hallelujah!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my little 1978 Scamp camper.  Now that I know what kind of paint application works, I can finish that up, finish the flooring, and get the cushions back in!  I can’t wait!  I’m ready to take her on the road!

Stay tuned!