Broke Down But Not Broken

A funny thing happened on the way to my last campout.  My car broke down.  Actually it wasn’t funny at all.  It was awful.  150 miles from home, I waved my caravan pals on as I waited for the tow truck.  I didn’t have to wait long, thank goodness.  I mean, thank the Lord.  Soon my truck was loaded onto a flat bed truck and my camper was hooked up to the back of the truck.  I gasped as the young driver tried to level the camper by yanking the bumper first up and then down hard.  I wanted to scream, “Easy!  She’s old!”  (She’s a 1962 Scotsman.)
He hauled us (me in the cab) to a nearby Ford dealership where I waited for three hours for them to replace the water pump in my SUV.  At first they told me they wouldn’t be able to fix it that day, but then they said they could.  I was so grateful that I didn’t have to find a hotel room and leave my trailer overnight in a parking lot that I waited patiently.  By the time they rolled my car and trailer around it was past closing time and I was starving.  I couldn’t wait to get back on the road and drive the remaining 100 miles, but I couldn’t until I paid them $900.  Ugh.  What a way to start a vacation.
The drive to the campground was uneventful except for the fact that it got dark on me.  I rolled in a little after 8 p.m. where a friend met me and helped me find my camping space.  Later several friends helped me back in and set up. 
Me and a fellow camper before I found out my power went off.  Happy to be at the campground!
But my troubles weren’t over.  I had finally straightened my camper and was ready to put on my pajamas and collapse when the power went off.  A quick check out the window let me know that it was my trailer, not the campground.  Ugh. Now what?  Can’t a girl get a break?
Stay tuned to find out what happened next. . .
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You lucky dog

After a couple of months in which we installed an air conditioner, bought new bedding, added homemade curtains (thanks, Bren!), and redecorated in my junky, gypsy-bohemian vibe, we are ready to get Miss Millie registered and retitled from Arizona to Texas.  The county tax office informed me that I would need to get her inspected and weighed!  Excuse me?  Yep, to transfer the title from Arizona.  Aarrgghh.
Do they realize how hard it is to make ONE trip to the tax office, much less two?

So. . .we hitched her up (the hubs is recovering from toe surgery but is well enough to help) in the simmering Texas humidity and we pulled her (with me driving!) eight miles to the nearest auto shop.

Luckily I had the title with VIN on it, and a current insurance card, so it was ten minutes and bam, we were done.  Then we headed over to the Love’s truck stop down the street to have her weighed.  How convenient is that?  Nice to have both places so close when you are pulling a trailer that has no license plate!

Image from here

Love’s has a nice setup for trucks where you just pull straight in, stop when your axle is over the scale, and push the CALL button.  The only problem was, the CALL button was way up high so truckers can access it from their cab window.  Hubby had to climb up on the base of the pole to reach it!

A friendly voice came over the speaker.  “Welcome to Love’s.  Re-weight or first time?”  Huh?  She repeated herself.
“First time!”
“Do you have your chart?”
“No, no chart.  This is a small RV.”
“Oh, okay.  Private, then.  Pull around and park in a parking space and come in to the diesel desk.”

Poor Miss Millie.  She was dwarfed by those huge trucks.  But Hubs and I walked in just like we were used to associating with truckers and their big rigs.

We waited our turn.  Hubby stepped back to allow other guys to line up behind me.  One motioned for him to go ahead as I was paying for my weight ticket.  (It cost me $10.50, and she weighs 2040 lbs.)  Hubs informed the guy that he was waiting on me, and the guy said, “You lucky dog.”
I heard it, too, but I took my ticket and went to join my husband, who was browsing all the trucking stuff.

“Let’s get that shake you wanted, you lucky dog,” I said when we were out of earshot of the other customers.

“Oh, you heard that, did you?” he laughed.  “Well, you gotta remember that those guys are on the road for months at a time.”

“Gee, thanks,” I mumbled, remembering that I had stuck my hair in a cap and had been sweating while hooking up the trailer.  In other words, guys on the road can get pretty desperate for female companionship.

But he is a lucky dog, 
and he knows it, even if he doesn’t want to admit it. 


Meet Miss Millie

We have a new member of the family!

Introducing Miss Millie,
our new vintage 1962 Scotsman travel trailer!

Here she is in our yard next to Li’l Scampin’ Annie.  Do you think Annie was intimidated?

Poor old Annie.  She just never really was what I wanted.  I mean, she was really cute and we had some good times, but she had some issues that we just were not able/willing/funded to do.

Goodbye, sweet Annie.  She went to a good home with a sweet lady from Oklahoma who wants to take her grandchildren camping.  Annie will be perfect.

I can now turn my attention and affection to my new camper which I have named Miss Millie in honor of my beautiful niece Millie we lost in a tragic accident nine years ago.  She was ten years old and loved all things Scottish as well as the color turquoise.

Isn’t she beautiful?  My baby sister lost her daughter, her eleven-year-old son, and her husband in the crash.  And there’s no getting over that, although God has been gracious.
But that’s another story that she should tell.

Anyway, back to the camper.
She came fully restored, no leaks, Cragar wheels (which hubby loves!), ready for the road.  The only thing we had to do was buy a portable a/c unit and add bedding.
Of course, I’ve been decorating her and giving her my personal touch!

We haven’t taken her on the road yet, but as soon as I do I’ll certainly be writing about it!  Stay tuned!

(Photos courtesy of Donna Teague, a camping buddy of mine!  She took these photos when the camper was still in the seller’s driveway!)
My sister is busy making new curtains.  I can’t wait to show you her new decor!