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$175 Bathroom Makeover Reveal. . .Finally!

Did you give up on me?  I almost did!  A few months ago I posted a photo of my bathroom and told you of plans I had to repaint and redecorate.  I thought I would be finished in a week or two, but weeks became months before I knew it!

I never knew retired life could be so busy!  Between junking, working two days a week, booth sprucing, writing, housework, family, etc. it’s been hard to find time to work on the bathroom! But I am finally finished except for cleaning out the cabinet over the toilet and caulking around the tub.  Here’s how it turned out!

The view from the bedroom door leading into the bath.  I will probably replace the rug.  The shower curtains came from
My new fave is mermaids.  When I couldn’t find what I wanted at the flea market, my sister painted and papered this beautiful mermaid on foam board.  I love her! (the mermaid and my sister!)
I found the little stepladder at my favorite barn sale, Gresham Barn Sale, which is run by a former student of mine, by the way.  I made the wall hanging out of an old chippy board from my parents’ house, a chalkware mermaid from an estate sale, some decorative hot and cold faucet pieces, and letters I printed out.
The same sister who made the mermaid also did the embellished bottle (gorgeous, huh?), which sits on an estate sale vanity tray with an estate sale mercury glass container I bought specifically for our toothbrushes and toothpaste.  It adds an elegant touch, don’t you think?
An adorable old wood carved sea captain peers out from under a small wine crate, also garage sale purchases.
The towel rack under the window I made out of an old thrift store shutter that I spray painted lime green and glued estate sale letters and knobs and another chalkware mermaid onto with E6000.  
On top of the cabinet is a basket of greenery from a garage sale, a ceramic thrift store sea horse, a conch shell that once belonged to my grandmother, and a photo of my kids when they were little in a thrift store frame.
I use a thrift store wire tray on the back of the toilet to hold magazines, tissues, and odor spray.  On the towel rack is a towel from Walmart and a rag garland I made from old sheets.
Above the door is a sign my other sister painted on a piece of wood from her old kitchen!  I love them, too!  Don’t I have talented sisters?
A view from my closet door.  The wall paint is Rolling Sea from Valspar.
Another view from the closet door.  We bought the light fixture over the sinks from Home Depot.  Someday I hope to frame that plain mirror.  I have some ideas. . .
I made the rag window valance from strips of old sheets tied onto a curtain rod.
I had no budget for a new chandelier, so I fashioned one with rags and an old lampshade skeleton turned upside down.  I added a couple of strands of faux pearls for an elegant touch.
I found this metal soap dispenser cover at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I’m using this leftover wrapping paper from the shop where I work to line my drawers and shelves.
All together I think I spent less than $175, including the paint, shower curtains, and accessories.  Not bad, huh?

I know that I am happy with the results because of how I feel when I walk in my bathroom and turn on the lights.  On to the next project. . .

Let me know what you think!




One of the neat things about being a bride is having a bridal shower.  Usually friends or colleagues or the church you belong to will throw one for you if you are the bride, but my daughter had no one in those areas available to do it for her.  As her mother I definitely wanted her to have that experience and–is this tacky–the gifts, too!  

I scoured all the wedding magazines, books, and websites I could find looking for advice on family members throwing wedding showers.  They confirmed my belief that it was inappropriate for the mother of the bride to throw a wedding shower for her daughter–it would look like I was asking for gifts–but all agreed that another family member such as a sister or aunt could properly do so.
There is no sister, and there is only one aunt living near us, so my sister Sharon had the wonderful privilege of being solicited to throw the shower!  As wonderful as my sister is, she agreed, with very little trepidation.

Sharon is creative, so I knew she would do a memorable job, and I also promised her I would do the same for her daughter someday.  Nothing like a little bribe, huh?  Just kidding.  She said she was happy to do it.  I choose to believe her.

I have actually already shown the shower decor in a previous post.  This time I wanted to show you the invitation she came up with, designed by herself with materials she had at home:  computer, printer, ink, stickers, bits of ribbon, and scrapbook paper.  She printed the information on plain paper, tore the edges, and then glued them onto pretty scrapbook paper.  She also used different scrapbook paper so there were different designs, all put together by hand.  She did such a great job that I wished I had gotten her to do the wedding invitations!

Cute, don’t you think?  She didn’t stop there.  She also created a handmade gift record by cutting several sheets of scrapbook paper and stationery and tying them with jute twine to a brown piece of paper.  Very clever and fitting for the vintage theme!  And very CHEAP!

Wonder how much less creative we would be if we had all the money in the world to buy every little thing?  What is that old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention?”  It is the same with creativity.  It takes need to bring it out!  See what you can create. . .