TEACHER TUESDAY: That question!

I almost titled this post “That favorite question,” but I was afraid the sarcasm might be lost in the translation, so to speak.  I loved teaching but there was one question that got my hackles up, rubbed me the wrong way, set my teeth on edge, and fried my banana peel.  I bet it is familiar to every school teacher out there.
Here it is:  
“Hey, Miss, what are we doing today?”  
Or its famous cousin:
“Are we doing anything today?”
Here are some of my gut reactions to that most irritating of questions.  Why so irritating, you may ask.  I’ll address that in a second.  My reactions that I kept to myself:
  • “Nothing.  I just spent all those hours preparing for us to do nothing today.”
  • “No, we’re not doing anything today.  Why would you think we would?”
  • “Uh, biology?”
  • “Why, calculus, of course.”  (It was a biology class.)
  • “Whatever you want to do, of course.”
My list of possible sarcastic responses could go on and on, but I tried to be as professional as possible and to remember that the bodies walking through my door were not mature adults yet.  
It didn’t matter that I had posted the daily agenda on the wall, in a Powerpoint on the Promethean board, AND the students were supposed to have written the week’s lessons on a calendar in their notebooks.  Not to mention of course, that I had given them a preview of coming attractions at the close of the last class period!  
Oh well, no one ever said that teaching was easy. Well, I take that back.  LOTS of people say teaching is easy because teachers only work seven hours a day and get three months “off” in the summer.  Wish that were true!  
And my answer to my favorite question?  “Come on in and you’ll find out!”