MONDAY/TUESDAY: Hey, I’m on vacation here. . .

I would like to apologize to my teeny fan base of 3 followers for not posting anything yesterday.  I failed to prepare my blog for my vacation, so I will write a little something from my little motel room.  Jimmy and I took off Saturday afternoon to take in a Ted Nugent concert (Yes, TED NUGENT: our first date was a Ted concert in 1978!) at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth, then we stayed overnight with my wonderful son Matt and his sweet wife Taylor at their new home in Dallas, and then we hit the road for Galveston to stay a couple of nights.

We picked a great week:  kids would be back in school!  But, we didn’t plan for an unruly one out in the Gulf.  Yes, Hurricane Isaac was brewing during our stay, which didn’t affect us very much if you don’t mind 67% humidity and no wind!  It seems Isaac was very jealous of any air movement besides his own, so yesterday was very sticky indeed.

However, Hubby and I did manage to stroll the beach, pick up a few seashells for my niece, grab some kitschy souvenirs, and relax on the new Murdoch’s deck.  Murdoch’s on the beach rebuilt after Hurricane Ike and to my utter delight they connected their two shops on piers with an awesome deck furnished with rocking chairs, benches, and a bar!  Murdoch’s began its historic presence on Galveston Island as a bathhouse in the late 1800’s.  It has seen several rebuildings and restorations but is one of the oldest establishments on the Seawall.

From our perfect seat on the deck, where we were able to catch a slight breeze and an occasional waft of air conditioning from the shops, we were able to watch the seagulls and even dolphins playing in the distance.  We could have sat there for the rest of the summer!

Sadly, with Isaac threatening the coastline, we decided to beat any possible evacuees and hit I-10 to Katy to check out their Bass Pro Shop and Katy Mills mall.  But not before detouring off I-45 to check out the Kemah Boardwalk.  We will definitely be making that a future destination!  Then we headed north along Hwy 71 and ended up here in a budget-friendly Marble Falls inn. 
On our plate tomorrow:  a scenic drive around the Marble Falls area and through more Hill Country towards East Texas.  Wish us a safe trip!  Happy trails to you. . .

Thrifty Hunter Thursday: Zebra Arrows!

Nothing speaks to a reluctant female archer like a pink camouflage compound bow.  I began shooting a bow a couple of years ago but wasn’t really serious about it until my husband bought me my Mathews Mission Craze bow.  (See earlier post for a photo of me with my new bow.)  But what really sealed the deal were pink zebra print arrows!  If you’re gonna shoot to kill, do it with style! 
If you have been watching “Spirit of the Wild,” musician Ted Nugent’s hunting show, you know that he had zebra-striped pink arrows specially made for his wife.  And now anyone can have them!  Beautiful but deadly with a broadhead tip. . .more on that later. . .archery season will be here before we know it!