Junkin' and Thriftin'

Thrift Store Scores!

I have friends and relatives who would never darken the door of a thrift store.  Maybe it’s the dim lighting or the smells (I admit, sometimes the odors are NOT good), or maybe the clientele (myself not included, of course!).  They just don’t know what treasures they are missing!

Look at what I found on my latest excursions. . .

A vintage wooden tool box with the lid!  All the panels slide into each other.  So very rustic.  This will be a keeper.

A tinsel chick (for really cheep cheap), a vintage pink felt bunny still in the package, a ceramic rabbit climbing over a fence (Brer Rabbit perhaps?), and a bag of basket confetti.  The tinsel chick and ceramic rabbit will probably go in my antiques booth, but the other things will be great for crafting.

This will be great repurposed as a shelf for the booth.  It already has that chippy paint look that is so popular right now.  Gotta change that paper and sand down that corner, though. 

I couldn’t pass up this sweet little Victorian boy holding his dog.  He’s so sweet.  The frame is cool, too.

This old metal Florida souvenir tray would be cute in a beach cottage or vacation home.  It will be going into the booth soon.

You just never know what you might find when you visit your local thrift store.  There’s always something different and unexpected, and sometimes, you score!

Do you have a favorite thrift store score?


fall Life Memoirs

Wait for it Wednesday: Fall Fashion Preview!

Ever since I was a preteen I have loved looking at models in fashion magazines.  In sixth grade I fell in love with the Partridge Family and David Cassidy, of course, but when I found out that Susan Dey, who played the older sister on the show, was also a model, I saved up my small allowance and bought a Seventeen magazine with her photo on the cover.  I even noticed the ads in Archies comic books for models and wished I could have flown to New York to try my luck. I was small for my age, and when I stopped growing at 5’2″ I realized that my dream of becoming a model would probably never happen.
So my love of science and literature and writing took over.  However, one thing remains–my giddy anticipation of the fall fashion magazines.  Not that I could ever afford most of the clothing pictured, but I could see how outfits were put together, color schemes, types of shoes and bags, etc., etc.  It just made the dog days of August a bit more bearable as I dreamed of cooler weather with clothes that covered more of my fair white body. Today the giddy returned.  Decades later, I still felt the same excitement when the Fall Fashion issues of InStyle and Marie Claire arrived in the mail.  I couldn’t wait to plop down and pour over the photos of fashion trends and outfits.  Such a treat to find out that short boots are all the rage, and that feathers, fur, and fringe are what to wear this upcoming fall season. 
I could do like everyone else and hit the malls, but oh no, I accept the far greater challenge of finding outfit pieces at thrift stores.  What a triumph it will be when I put together an outfit worthy of the pages of InStyle on a fraction of the cost others will pay.  And maybe I will post photos on here!  Stay tuned. . .
Life Pets

Saturday Ramblings: House and dog sitter extraordinaire

A couple of weeks ago my son asked me if I would be willing to stay at his house for a few days while he accompanied his wife to New York City on a business trip.  While I would have been a little more delighted to have been invited on the trip, I said, “Absolutely!”  

Even hubby/dad agreed.  I would stay at Matt’s house, care for his yard and his dogs, and do a little shopping and sightseeing in Dallas.  It’s only about an hour and a half from my home, but they have a beautiful new older home which would be almost like staying in a hotel!

It’s just that I haven’t been away from home in awhile.  Since I retired from teaching, I also retired from membership in two different professional teacher associations which sometimes required travel to Austin for conferences and business meetings.  I had even considered getting rid of my attache and travel-size toiletries!  Glad I didn’t.

It turns out I hadn’t forgotten how to make my packing list (yes, I’m one of THOSE) and pack my bags.  I loaded down with several back issues of magazines and newspapers I hadn’t gotten around to reading, as well as my laptop, thinking I would finally really get going on my next novel.  (I’ve been here two days now and haven’t gone there yet!)

Matt and Taylor were already on the way to NYC when I arrived at their home.  Their dogs–Brody the pug and Bailey the miniature schnauzer–were happy to see me and helped me get settled in.  They have been absolutely the best doggies ever (besides my own, of course!)!  

I have been pretty busy so far, but more about my thrifting adventures later. . .

Aren’t they cute?  Bailey on the left with little Brody.
Those coleus in the back look much better now after watering!
 My car’s thermometer read 106 today in Dallas!


Junkin' and Thriftin'

Meaningless Drivel Monday: From Old and Busted to New Hotness!

I have been busy!  This is the hardest I have ever worked while not working.  Keeping an antiques booth well-stocked and inviting is not an easy proposition.  I knew it would be work, but this much?  I love it, though!

Here is one of my latest projects.
“Old and Busted” (From Men in Black)
I picked up this nightstand at a thrift store for less than ten dollars.  After some Lowe’s signature paint, new knobs, and a little scrapbook paper decoupage, this is how it ended up, in my car ready for my booth.
“New Hotness”
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I also lined the drawers with scrapbook paper that I glued down with Mod Podge.  

For more of my handiwork, check out my booth Facebook page, A.C. Junk ‘n’ Stuff.  And give me a “like” while you are there!

On a second, more serious note, I would like to offer my condolences to everyone affected by the explosions at the Boston Marathon today.  I am sickened by the senseless violence and saddened for the victims and their loved ones.  If ever there was a time for us to pray, it is now.



At Home Monday A.K.A. Meaningless Drivel Monday

That new title “Meaningless Drivel Monday” is my sister’s contribution.  I told her that I needed to work on my blog, and she said it in jest, but I actually like it!  So, from now on, At Home Monday is Meaningless Drivel Monday.  A little more descriptive of my blogging, don’t you think?  *chuckle*

A rag shower curtain I made and sold to order.
Today I finished up a three-part rag curtain order.  If you have looked at my Etsy shop, you know that I sell custom rag curtains.  I got the idea from a bridal show I went to with my daughter and actually made one to use in her wedding.  After the wedding I decided to try listing it on Etsy and taking custom orders.  Since then I have had several orders, even if by only one customer, but word is spreading.  I put my original curtain in my booth at Uniques & Antiques and this past week it sold!

The first rag curtain I made and sold to order.  The customer uses it in her kitchen.

I purchase my fabric (usually curtains and tablecloths) from thrift stores and cut them into strips that I tie onto jute twine.  It is a labor-intensive and time-consuming job, but very rewarding.  I have to measure each strip and the length of the twine to customer specification, but cutting the strips doesn’t have to be precise at all.  Jagged and raveled edges just add to the overall charm.

I found out quickly that I did not charge enough for the time and labor, so I will be adjusting my prices to reflect that.  I still plan to offer a better product for less.

I plan to make some rag curtains for my Scamp trailer as well.  I plan to add among the burlap, tulle, and muslin some of the upholstery fabric I used in the cushion covers.  I can’t wait to start on those!

The rag curtains also make cute skirts, like the skirt on the old chair I made a couple of weeks ago.  (that post here)  I also think they would make cute gypsy prom skirts, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.  Don’t tell anyone!  ; )

Rag curtain or skirt, anyone?