Junkin' and Thriftin' Memoirs

Thrifty Thursday: The very definition of the word

Lots of blogs and magazines these days talk about thriftiness and all its benefits.  Thrift stores abound, especially in big cities as people who choose shopping as recreation purge their homes of extra stuff and out-of-date decor.  But what exactly is thriftiness?  While thinking about how I was brought up by parents who each grew up in six-children homes on one income, and me in a one-income, blue-collar home with three siblings, I came up with some synonyms, scenarios, and serious definitions.  (Wow, what a sentence!)
To be thrifty is to:
  • Feed a husband and four children a once-a-week supper of ground beef and tortillas, allotting each child three tacos.  Sometimes my mother let my brother have four because he was the boy.
Us four children circa 1968.  I am at the top right.
  • Unpack boxes of hand-me-downs from the cousins every spring and fall.  Three girls in their family meant the clothes had already been worn three times before coming to our house to be worn three more times!  Except I was the oldest cousin so sometimes I was too big already for some of the clothing.
  • Buy Barbeque Fritos with my snack bar money, sneak them home, and hide the package under the couch to eat one by one while I watched TV.  If my siblings discovered I had Fritos, they would have eaten them all!  And no, I can’t find BBQ Fritos anymore, but Chili Cheese Fritos are very similar and still one of my favorites!
  • Stand in line in the school cafeteria every Monday morning to pay for the week’s lunches for us four children.  It was my assigned duty because I was the oldest and most trustworthy with Daddy’s check.  It was always an anxious time for me because I worried about being late to class.  But then, I worried about everything when I was little.
  • Have Mama make my prom dresses.  Hey, it was the 70’s.  It wasn’t THAT bad.
  • Have a grandma who modeled thriftiness by shopping at Goodwill and remaking dresses to fit herself.  She proudly showed them off to us when we visited.
My beautiful Grandma Nunn in the 70’s.
  • Eat out at Whataburger where my dad bought six hamburgers and six Cokes and had us sit outside at the picnic tables in the back.  I didn’t taste fries until I was in junior high school.  I didn’t eat in at a real restaurant until I was in high school!
I could go and on with many other definitions of thrifty, but I will save it for another day.  To paraphrase the most interesting man in the world,
“Stay thrifty, my friends!”

RANDOM FRIDAY: American Pickers, East Texas Style!

What’s going on here?  What are these people doing?  Welcome to our version of “American Pickers.”  That is my dad and hubby picking their way through the piles of junk in the back of Dad’s property.  This unique collection of old golf course equipment, home appliances, farm equipment, car, motorcycle, and bicycle parts, etc. began in 1975!  It’s a picker’s dream!

So today we picked.  If you have been reading this blog regularly, you know that I am opening a booth in a local antiques mall very soon!  (I can’t wait!)  My dad generously offered me the opportunity to look through his junk to see if I could use anything.  And boy, could I ever!  It was more fun than an afternoon at Goodwill!  The weather was perfect and hubby helped!  It was actually his idea to go down to the junk pile today. . .he is looking for some steel to build a gun safe.

Daddy searching for forgotten treasure.  Some of it was almost buried!

Daddy finds some old golf tournament message poles he fashioned years ago from re-bar.

Hubby finds a heavy duty wrench I can put in my booth.

Hubby discovers more steel he could use in the gun safe.

We had the best time tromping through the weeds finding some great stuff to repurpose for the booth.  

An old golf ball washing basket, some golf hole baskets, and bicycle wheels.

Another golf ball washing basket and an old zoo fence gate.

Some motorcycle and bicycle wheels and an auto fan blade.

I have another month to keep looking before the weeds and insects begin their return to the area, making it impossible to navigate.  The last thing you want to do is stir up a bumblebee nest or get into poison oak while digging around in old junk!



THRIFTY HUNT THURSDAY (a little late. . .)

Today was another day of hunting!  I was lucky enough to get to go with my sister and niece this time.  We only got to visit one thrift store, but we were able to score several bargains, and I nabbed a few vintage finds that will be great for my booth at Uniques & Antiques!  I will share those later.

Today I wanted to share something that my sister gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago.  She refashioned this little vanity stool from an old one she found for practically nothing.  She repainted it, recovered it with muslin fabric that she stamped herself using art from The Graphics Fairy, and added the burlap ruffle she sewed herself.  Then she added a cute burlap and muslin pillow she made.  

It was the perfect addition to my walk-in closet/dressing room!  

Isn’t my sister creative and crafty?  Who said that necessity is the mother of invention?  I think necessity is also the mother of creativity!



THRIFTY HUNT THURSDAY: Look what I found today!

Deer hunting is done until September, so I am taking off the “er” in “Thrifty Hunter” and making Thursday the day of the thrifty hunt!  Not for animals, but for treasures!

Look what I found in today’s junkin’ expedition!

A polished wooden owl napkin holder with spaces for salt and pepper shakers. . .my daughter stole this from me!

A beautiful vintage china doll head. . . can you see the crazing on her neck? 

A vintage gas tank for boat motors. . .a steal!

An old Santa mug with all the red color rubbed off. . .perfect for my white Christmas decor!  And he was free!

Another FREEBY I found in Daddy’s junk:  my grandmother’s 1957 World Book stand.  Priceless.

A chippy white cast iron napkin holder for my dinette. . .

Now I have a perfectly good reason for gathering more stuff. . .I will be opening a booth in a local antiques mall in February!  I am so excited!  Stay tuned!