THRIFTY HUNTER THURSDAY: It’s still bow season. . .

Going bow hunting at my sister’s place in Indiana

. . .and I haven’t killed a thing.  I haven’t even SEEN a thing to shoot, except the coyote I saw last Saturday morning, but he was traveling so fast in pursuit of a squirrel I didn’t have a chance to grab my bow.  It was still pretty cool to see, though. I mean, how many people can say that they have seen a coyote chase a squirrel?

At least the weather is finally getting cooler.  Jimmy has been going to the stand regardless of the temperature, but I cannot stand sitting in a tree stand sweating and swatting mosquitoes.  I am of the belief that deer don’t move much when it is too warm and humid anyway.  At least holding to that is a good excuse to stay home when it is too hot.

A cold front blew in earlier this evening and the morning low is supposed to be a blustery 52 degrees, which means that it will be even cooler in the deep, dark woods.  Love it!  It will be perfect for my Mossy Oak pink-trimmed fleece hoodie, thick Mossy Oak socks, new pink camo fleece and fur hat, and my big Thermos of steaming coffee.  I worried about the deer or hogs smelling the coffee with its pumpkin spice creamer, but that coyote running past 20 yards from my stand while I was standing and stretching proves me wrong there.  Coyotes are probably better sniffers than deer or hogs.

This last weekend of archery season might be my last chance to get a deer with my bow and earn the title of REAL bow hunter.  If I don’t, I don’t, but I would love to be able to add that one to my list of credentials and skills.  Don’t you think it would look good up there on LinkedIn with my master’s degree in educational administration?  M.Ed. Educational Administration, R.E.A.L. Bow Hunter.  I might have to have a plaque made. . .

Stay tuned!


THRIFTY HUNTER THURSDAY: Indiana hunting. . .

Anyone who read my post last week from Indiana knows that we saw deer and even got some shots, but nothing to bring home.  From my stand I didn’t even see a deer!  Jimmy said that I should have painted my face and hands because the deer probably saw me, but I  don’t think so.  After I left my stand that first day because I had been sitting for four and a half hours with a damp and cold behind, Jimmy got up there and saw three does!

Oh well, it was a lovely experience sitting in the trees in the quiet.  Here is a picture of my feet at sixteen feet from the ground.  

The green leaves make up the top of a small tree below.  Do you see the scattering of color on the forest floor?  It looked like a mosaic from the stand, not so much when I climbed down.

Me trying to take a self-photo while hanging on for dear life.  I did become more comfortable as time went on.  It was very scary at first!  Do you like my Primos pink camo and lace cap with the pink LED caplight?  That’s my pink Mission Craze bow hanging behind me.  If you look closely you can see a deer trail winding through the woods behind me.

I was trying to show the color of the trees in the woods.  They were changing color and it was just beautiful.  I can only imagine what that forest looks like when it snows, with snow covered branches and snow covering the ground.  

We left my tree stand in the tree for next year.  Yes, we were invited back!  Maybe we will have better luck.  Either way, we will enjoy visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and their four doggies!

Oh, I almost forgot!  How did this relate to thriftiness?  Well, we didn’t have to pay for lodging, and they fed us most of our meals.  (I won’t mention the $150 non-resident hunting license I had to buy.  My husband had to buy one, too.  That set us back a little. . .)  It was SO worth it!