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Feeling the Love: Another Valentine Vignette

I thought I was finished decorating for Valentine’s Day.  I mean, the kids are grown now, so I can’t say I’m doing it for them.  But my plain flat coffee table was bothering me.  With nothing to adorn it except an old vintage tapestry, it was becoming a dumping ground for newspapers and magazines and stuff.
Not good.

This tapestry I found at a barn sale is a mini version of the one my grandmother Mary Lillian Nunn had hanging over her couch as long as I can remember.  (She is the namesake for Mary Lillian Vintage.)

I had a vintage typewriter sitting on an antique school desk that seemed lost there.  Unnoticed.  So I brought it out.

Cute, but it needed something.  A sprig of something.  So I looked around.  I found nothing in Hobby Lobby, and then something Valentine-y caught my eye in Walmart, and it was only 97 cents! I tied a piece of twine around it and set it on top.

Nice, but it still needed something.  I had some old Bingo cards and red hearts lying around.  I wondered if they would work.

Perfect!  Well, until I found a box of Victorian Valentines from a garage sale that I had forgotten about.

Now it was perfect.  Another Valentine vignette.  It doesn’t matter if no one but hubby and the dogs see it.  It’s pretty, and it makes me happy.

I think I’m finished with Valentine decorating.  What about you?  

March is around the corner and I’ll soon be looking for leprechauns and clovers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


holidays home decor

Getting the Booth Ready for Valentine Shoppers

That title sounds a little presumptious, as if people are going to be flocking to Mary Lillian Vintage’s booth in Uniques & Antiques in Mineola, Texas to do their shopping for Valentine’s Day!
Well, you never know.

So I brought in a few things just in case.

I made this rag garland with touches of pink just for Valentine’s Day.  It was gone in a day or two, so I have to get busy making more!
Here is a chalkboard painted silverplate tray on an easel along with a framed vintage Valentine matted with a red paper heart and an old Bingo card.  I added a bit of bling (an old brooch) to the top of the tray with some E6000.
I purchased a number of vintage pink Christmas ball ornaments at Canton First Monday on clearance after Christmas, so I thought some would be pretty in this glass jar along with wine corks and some vintage Valentines.  I tied it with some twine and tulle and added an old embellished heart-shaped pendant.
Here is another vintage Valentine framed on a piece of an old doily with a burlap heart.
“Is this the party to whom I am speaking?”
I bought this old wooden bar chair at a thrift shop for only $3.00 and decided to paint it pale pink with some leftover paint I had.  I distressed it a bit and added a cushion that I cut out of a piece of old sofa foam and then covered with a shabby pillowcase.  No sewing involved!
Another view.  That piece of foam for the cushion was a bit irregular!
A garage sale Build-a-Bear teddy with an Ebay dress and a clearance bow sits on the stool with an old February issue of Mary Engelbreit magazine.
I made these two tiles out of stone tiles from Home Depot, some scrapbooking bits, pieces from old jewelry, burlap, and vintage photos.  Some Mod Podge, spray sealer, and a tiny easel makes them special!
Vintage wedding cake toppers always speak of love, very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.
I usually have at least one for sale in the booth.  I can’t pass them up when I see them in thrift stores!
And one final framed Valentine in a vintage metal frame with burlap, doily, and red heart.  I added a pink ribbon for hanging.

Now I wait as these items fly out of our booth!  
A girl can dream, can’t she?

Won’t you be my sweetheart?


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A Vignette for Valentine’s Day

Don’t you love that word “vignette”?  (Does the question mark belong before or after the quotation mark?  I am a certified English teacher and I can’t tell you!)  
Anyway, back to vignette.

It’s French for “little vine.”  It refers to a brief evocative scene or display or a little drawing on a page.  In design, it refers to a small decorated space powerful in its own right.  Designers love to create beautiful vignettes in homes.  Home design bloggers are always sharing their creative vignettes on their blogs.  

I thought I would try it today.  I’m still waiting on my fancy camera to arrive (in my dreams) so you’ll have to endure my little iPhone photos.

I spread a vintage embroidered tablecloth over my circular dining table and placed a metal filigree tray in the center.  Everything on the table, including the tray, was given to me or bought at a thrift store, garage sale, or flea market.

I lined the bottom of the tray with a piece of red net fabric and then set in my pieces.  This is a vintage wedding cake topper I thought fit the Valentine’s Day theme, since brides and grooms are usually in love when they marry!  Next to the topper is an old apothecary jar filled with left over peppermints from Sonic.  Does anyone else do this?

I also placed an old wooden birdcage I picked up at a thrift store a few weeks ago.  I may end up painting it, but today I placed an old Valentine teddy bear from hubby, an old “Wuthering Heights” book, and a few vintage pink Christmas balls in it.

I then clipped on a photo from back in the day.  Who is that adorable couple?  (hubby and me from 1982)

Behind the cake topper and jar I placed my mother-in-law’s old silver candelabra on top of a copy of “Pride and Prejudice.”  In the candleholders I added more vintage pink Christmas balls.

In front of the birdcage, I placed a vintage Big Ben alarm clock, an old metal flower frog, and a vintage Valentine.
I couldn’t neglect the corner behind the dining table.  In time I want to put a corner hutch there or an old restaurant corner booth, but for now, there is a little wooden bar stool that I covered with burlap and added a rag skirt to.

I stacked some old books and placed a faux tree with some more old vintage Christmas balls on them.
It adds a nice little punch to that corner.

The little decoupaged cross and the painted subway art on the adjacent walls were done by my talented sisters!

Did you enjoy my Valentine vignette?
I’m not sure how much hubby likes it, but Valentine’s Day will be here shortly and I can move on to leprechauns!



Thrifty Hunt Thursday: Happy Valentine’s Day!

From my booth A.C. Junk ‘n’ Stuff, a few Valentine wishes are sent your way.  This little postman pup hit Bingo when he delivered the best Valentine ever. . .
The pup below sings along as his master serenades his favorite Valentine.

When I first put up this “Be Mine” banner, it said, “Be Wine!”  I had accidentally turned my “M” upside down!  Yes, I had to use the “W” stencil upside down to make an “M” because I couldn’t find my “M”!  Incidentally, I kinda liked the “Be Wine” banner. . .

Here is a close-up of the banner hanging in a vintage pink suitcase.  I mean, really, I bet that pink luggage set was so fashionable back in the day.

This vintage girl is talking on the phone to her Valentine as she reclines against a piece of crocheted lace and striped paper.  Love her fat little pink cheeks!

I couldn’t finish a Valentine’s Day post without sharing what my sweet hubby brought home to me the other night along with a mushy card.  Aren’t they just beautiful?

Even more beautiful in an ironstone pitcher!

Exquisite.  Just like I hope your Valentine’s Day has been.  Celebrate the love in your life, even if it walks on four legs or makes its own food with sunlight and chlorophyl.  Happy February 14th, everyone!



Wedded Life Wednesday: Some role models. . .

I heard in the news this week about a man who lost his beloved wife of 60 years and now refuses to sleep in the bed they shared.  The reporter said that the man had always been “madly in love” with his wife.  He couldn’t bear sleeping alone in the bed he had shared with his wife for 60 years.

And then I found this story:

“CLARKS SUMMIT — Here’s an example that even in times of grief, you can find some inspiration and hope.
In this case, a family in Lackawanna County lost a mother and father within hours of each other.
The couple’s amazing love story now provides some comfort during a very difficult time.
After 60 years of life together, death only kept Daniel and Virginia Fogarty of Clarks Summit apart for three hours.
The one-time high school sweethearts, the husband and wife of 57 years died the same day last week, only hours apart.
We talked with four of the Fogarty’s five children. They are coping with such a sudden loss by clinging to quite a love story.
Virginia had been sick, but Daniel’s illness was sudden and both ended up in the hospital the same day. They died a few days later.
Virginia died first. When the family told Daniel, he made the decision to refuse any more medical care.  With his children around him, he died 25 minutes later.
The couple certainly left a legacy. Five kids, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. A family that will always be inspired by the love of mom and dad, grandma and grandpa.
And the family says it’s a love story that continues above.”
In this story, the man couldn’t bear this life 
without his beloved wife, so he chose to join 
her in the next life.
And then there are my parents, who will be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary this coming June!    They were only kids, ages 16 and 17, when they married in 1958, and within eight years they had a brood of four children, and yet they are still together and happy after all these years.  How can this be?
My parents in 1961 at ages 19 and 20.  Aren’t they cute?
My parents in 2012, 51 years later.  Again, aren’t they cute?
   I have my theory.  It’s called commitment and holding true to your promises.  These people took their marriage vows seriously.  My parents took their roles as parents seriously.  They all recognized a higher purpose for staying in their relationship beyond their own immediate gratification. They considered the lives they impacted, the lives they were responsible for, and the futures they were entrusted.  On the other side of parenting, grandparenting, and careers, they found they still had each other and that the marriage bond had grown stronger.
What a legacy to leave to your own children and grandchildren!  This kind of marriage commitment is rare today but not impossible.  The real meaning of marital bliss may indeed be the reward two people find when they realize that 60 years have gone by and they are still just as much in love as they were the day they began.
Many times relationships end.  Sometimes it is messy.  Sometimes they are short-lived.  Sometimes it isn’t your fault.  Sometimes it is.  But wouldn’t it be wonderful to find that person you could be with for the rest of your life, and say with the poet Robert Browning:  “Grow old along with me!  The best is yet to be. . .”
Indeed something to strive for.  
Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!