Junkin' and Thriftin'

Thrift Store Scores!

I have friends and relatives who would never darken the door of a thrift store.  Maybe it’s the dim lighting or the smells (I admit, sometimes the odors are NOT good), or maybe the clientele (myself not included, of course!).  They just don’t know what treasures they are missing!

Look at what I found on my latest excursions. . .

A vintage wooden tool box with the lid!  All the panels slide into each other.  So very rustic.  This will be a keeper.

A tinsel chick (for really cheep cheap), a vintage pink felt bunny still in the package, a ceramic rabbit climbing over a fence (Brer Rabbit perhaps?), and a bag of basket confetti.  The tinsel chick and ceramic rabbit will probably go in my antiques booth, but the other things will be great for crafting.

This will be great repurposed as a shelf for the booth.  It already has that chippy paint look that is so popular right now.  Gotta change that paper and sand down that corner, though. 

I couldn’t pass up this sweet little Victorian boy holding his dog.  He’s so sweet.  The frame is cool, too.

This old metal Florida souvenir tray would be cute in a beach cottage or vacation home.  It will be going into the booth soon.

You just never know what you might find when you visit your local thrift store.  There’s always something different and unexpected, and sometimes, you score!

Do you have a favorite thrift store score?



Cheap Wedding Wednesday: THE Gown

Not only am I a retired schoolteacher who loves to decorate and hunt, I am now officially a wedding planner!  Since my daughter Natalie became engaged to her fiance Bryan, I have jumped in with both feet, scouring the web for bargains and tips.  Because, my friends, this wedding will be one of the coolest yet cheapest weddings on record!  At least, I hope.  
Natalie chose a Victorian steampunk vintage wedding theme, which is going to be great fun to shop for and decorate.  I have already amassed quite a collection of decor items and we have already shopped for and chosen the wedding gown.  If anything breaks my teeny budget, that dress will.  But our search of vintage and pre-worn dresses turned up absolutely nothing, so we headed to David’s Bridal.  Of course, she fell in love with the most beautiful gown which was completely over the dress budget.  We will save elsewhere.  
She bonded with that gown.  There was no way I could say no.  
Unfortunately, THE dress can’t be revealed until after the wedding on November 10!
However, I WILL share some of the contenders. . .enjoy!
The quality isn’t the best because I used my phone camera, but you get an idea.  We had a blast.  My personal favorite was the bottom dress, but it wasn’t her pick.  We both thought the top dress–the first she tried–was the one because she felt like a Disney princess.
But no, not her pick.  
Sorry, you’ll just have to wait. . .
April  xoxo