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Thrift Store Scores!

I have friends and relatives who would never darken the door of a thrift store.  Maybe it’s the dim lighting or the smells (I admit, sometimes the odors are NOT good), or maybe the clientele (myself not included, of course!).  They just don’t know what treasures they are missing!

Look at what I found on my latest excursions. . .

A vintage wooden tool box with the lid!  All the panels slide into each other.  So very rustic.  This will be a keeper.

A tinsel chick (for really cheep cheap), a vintage pink felt bunny still in the package, a ceramic rabbit climbing over a fence (Brer Rabbit perhaps?), and a bag of basket confetti.  The tinsel chick and ceramic rabbit will probably go in my antiques booth, but the other things will be great for crafting.

This will be great repurposed as a shelf for the booth.  It already has that chippy paint look that is so popular right now.  Gotta change that paper and sand down that corner, though. 

I couldn’t pass up this sweet little Victorian boy holding his dog.  He’s so sweet.  The frame is cool, too.

This old metal Florida souvenir tray would be cute in a beach cottage or vacation home.  It will be going into the booth soon.

You just never know what you might find when you visit your local thrift store.  There’s always something different and unexpected, and sometimes, you score!

Do you have a favorite thrift store score?


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Feeling the Love: Another Valentine Vignette

I thought I was finished decorating for Valentine’s Day.  I mean, the kids are grown now, so I can’t say I’m doing it for them.  But my plain flat coffee table was bothering me.  With nothing to adorn it except an old vintage tapestry, it was becoming a dumping ground for newspapers and magazines and stuff.
Not good.

This tapestry I found at a barn sale is a mini version of the one my grandmother Mary Lillian Nunn had hanging over her couch as long as I can remember.  (She is the namesake for Mary Lillian Vintage.)

I had a vintage typewriter sitting on an antique school desk that seemed lost there.  Unnoticed.  So I brought it out.

Cute, but it needed something.  A sprig of something.  So I looked around.  I found nothing in Hobby Lobby, and then something Valentine-y caught my eye in Walmart, and it was only 97 cents! I tied a piece of twine around it and set it on top.

Nice, but it still needed something.  I had some old Bingo cards and red hearts lying around.  I wondered if they would work.

Perfect!  Well, until I found a box of Victorian Valentines from a garage sale that I had forgotten about.

Now it was perfect.  Another Valentine vignette.  It doesn’t matter if no one but hubby and the dogs see it.  It’s pretty, and it makes me happy.

I think I’m finished with Valentine decorating.  What about you?  

March is around the corner and I’ll soon be looking for leprechauns and clovers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


holidays home decor

Getting the Booth Ready for Valentine Shoppers

That title sounds a little presumptious, as if people are going to be flocking to Mary Lillian Vintage’s booth in Uniques & Antiques in Mineola, Texas to do their shopping for Valentine’s Day!
Well, you never know.

So I brought in a few things just in case.

I made this rag garland with touches of pink just for Valentine’s Day.  It was gone in a day or two, so I have to get busy making more!
Here is a chalkboard painted silverplate tray on an easel along with a framed vintage Valentine matted with a red paper heart and an old Bingo card.  I added a bit of bling (an old brooch) to the top of the tray with some E6000.
I purchased a number of vintage pink Christmas ball ornaments at Canton First Monday on clearance after Christmas, so I thought some would be pretty in this glass jar along with wine corks and some vintage Valentines.  I tied it with some twine and tulle and added an old embellished heart-shaped pendant.
Here is another vintage Valentine framed on a piece of an old doily with a burlap heart.
“Is this the party to whom I am speaking?”
I bought this old wooden bar chair at a thrift shop for only $3.00 and decided to paint it pale pink with some leftover paint I had.  I distressed it a bit and added a cushion that I cut out of a piece of old sofa foam and then covered with a shabby pillowcase.  No sewing involved!
Another view.  That piece of foam for the cushion was a bit irregular!
A garage sale Build-a-Bear teddy with an Ebay dress and a clearance bow sits on the stool with an old February issue of Mary Engelbreit magazine.
I made these two tiles out of stone tiles from Home Depot, some scrapbooking bits, pieces from old jewelry, burlap, and vintage photos.  Some Mod Podge, spray sealer, and a tiny easel makes them special!
Vintage wedding cake toppers always speak of love, very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.
I usually have at least one for sale in the booth.  I can’t pass them up when I see them in thrift stores!
And one final framed Valentine in a vintage metal frame with burlap, doily, and red heart.  I added a pink ribbon for hanging.

Now I wait as these items fly out of our booth!  
A girl can dream, can’t she?

Won’t you be my sweetheart?


Junkin' and Thriftin' Life Memoirs

Mature Musings Monday: A Collector’s Realization

I spent my 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s obtaining stuff.  First it was stuff for my apartment.  When I rented my first apartment I moved in with a bed, a hope chest, a drab bookshelf that leaned against the wall, and a laundry basket.  Thanks to Fingerhut, I was able to collect towels and cookware on teeny monthly payments, and my mom was able to spare me a few kitchen items. 

After hubby brought in his stereo and we added another chair.
My boyfriend (who became my husband) bought me a particle board dresser and a used living room chair and couch, and his sister gave us a folding dining table with chairs.  That was the beginning of my “stuff.”

When we expanded to a small mobile home, we collected more furniture and decorative items.  After our son was born, the necessity for a bigger house became a priority so we moved into small house and obtained even more stuff.  Our son’s stuff alone filled up his room and then some.  We used the extra bedroom for storage of stuff that didn’t go anywhere.

Matt with his new Christmas “stuff”, 1987.
Then our daughter came along and we were forced to clear that room out for her.  As they grew, they amassed more stuff and so did we.  I decided to start collecting Raggedy Ann dolls, born out of a childhood love for the dolls and stories, and soon I had over 200 dolls, books, and other items in my collection.  In the meantime, hubby collected guns and model cars, and my children collected toys, toys, and more toys.
Natalie in her room before the invasion of Raggedy Anns.

It didn’t register that someday I might not want these items any more.  My home became nicely furnished, our collections nicely displayed, and people who visited made nice comments.  When did our collections become too much?
I can’t pinpoint it, but I think it was when my children left home. Suddenly I had all this stuff and didn’t like it any more.  I redecorated Matt’s room and boxed up his stuff, and when he got a home, I gave it to him, whether he wanted it or not.  Natalie is about to move from a tiny RV into a real house, so her room will finally be cleared out.  Whatever she leaves will be thrown out, donated, or returned to her.

In the meantime, I have had a realization.  I don’t need all this stuff any more!  I decided that I could start selling this stuff on Ebay and Etsy, and I opened a booth in an antiques mall, and I still have so much I could furnish a whole ‘nother booth!

I have stopped collecting.  No, not really.  I have stopped collecting so much, and as often.  But the difference is this:  now I look for items that I can resell or repurpose and resell.  I have many things in my home that I am keeping until I can resell them.  Many things will go into my booth or online.
Part of my Kennedy book collection and panda collection.
Part of my wedding cake topper collection with some of my Raggedy Ann books in the background.
Part of my Raggedy Ann collection.
Part of my Raggedy Ann figurine collection.
Hubby’s model car collection.
Part of my Big Boy bank collection.
Part of my clock and our Boston terrier figurine collections.
In spite of what these photos may indicate, I am not a hoarder, and it’s not that I don’t still love antique and vintage things, and experience the thrill of the hunt when I find a special item.  But I don’t have to keep them now.  I can get the same enjoyment from buying something and placing it in my booth to enjoy until someone else buys it.  I can pass items on to someone else who can appreciate them after I have enjoyed them for awhile.

By the way, if you need something or are looking for something special, please let me know.  I might have it!

Junkin' and Thriftin'

Wild Wednesday: A new name for our booth!

Look at that sign!  It’s official now!  We have a real shop, even if it is a booth inan  antique mall.  My sister Sharon shares the booth with me, and she made the sign.  We named our business after our grandmother who was the original thrifter.  She always showed off her secondhand clothing finds and repurposed items whenever we visited. She was our dad’s mother, and when my oldest was a baby, he got the junkin’ fever.  He has a stash that would excite the American Pickers
Junkin’ is in our blood!
This is what makes Wednesday wild–a leopard print bustier and one of my rag skirts, perfect for a gypsy prom, especially the Junk Gypsy Junk-o-rama Prom to be held October 3 at Round Top, Texas during Texas Antiques Week.

Here is some of the other junk I added today.

Two darling little table figurines–one is a salt or pepper shaker and one is a toothpick holder.
This little guy never wakes up from his siesta!
One of my rag curtains hangs behind a trestle table holding the dress form with the gypsy prom outfit.

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