Wedded Life Wednesday: BFF!

I have a pretty great best friend.  He allows me to stay home even though the budget is a little tight since I retired from teaching (thank goodness for the pension, although it’s only a little more than half what I used to make).  He encourages me to pursue my dreams even though some were quite costly–namely getting my master’s degree, remodeling and adding onto our home, buying copies of my books, setting up vendor spaces at the flea market, book festival, and antique mall.  The most costly dream of all was his, too–having children!  That was worth it, though.

Back in the day. . .1979!

I encourage him to pursue his dreams as well.  For example, he bought his first dirt bike right after we got married, which almost caused his mother to disown him!  He has been into motorcycles, vintage cars, horses, mules, dog breeding, and guns, all of which were costly.  One of his favorite dreams fulfilled was to ride a loop around the state of Colorado, which we did a few years ago.  I still can’t believe I was able to ride behind him on his Honda Valkyrie for four solid days for 700 miles through sunshine, thunderstorms, and sleet.  What an adventure that was!

One of Colorado’s tall passes in June of 2008!

  The give and take of dreaming and let dream has been one of the cornerstones of our marriage–that and faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.  I’d have to say that we are pretty good friends, and that is pretty important to a successful marriage.

Time to close this post now.  Gotta get those work clothes clean for my BFF (that’s Best Friend Forever for the tech-challenged out there). . .

That’s me and my bestie. . .


At Home Monday A.K.A. Meaningless Drivel Monday

That new title “Meaningless Drivel Monday” is my sister’s contribution.  I told her that I needed to work on my blog, and she said it in jest, but I actually like it!  So, from now on, At Home Monday is Meaningless Drivel Monday.  A little more descriptive of my blogging, don’t you think?  *chuckle*

A rag shower curtain I made and sold to order.
Today I finished up a three-part rag curtain order.  If you have looked at my Etsy shop, you know that I sell custom rag curtains.  I got the idea from a bridal show I went to with my daughter and actually made one to use in her wedding.  After the wedding I decided to try listing it on Etsy and taking custom orders.  Since then I have had several orders, even if by only one customer, but word is spreading.  I put my original curtain in my booth at Uniques & Antiques and this past week it sold!

The first rag curtain I made and sold to order.  The customer uses it in her kitchen.

I purchase my fabric (usually curtains and tablecloths) from thrift stores and cut them into strips that I tie onto jute twine.  It is a labor-intensive and time-consuming job, but very rewarding.  I have to measure each strip and the length of the twine to customer specification, but cutting the strips doesn’t have to be precise at all.  Jagged and raveled edges just add to the overall charm.

I found out quickly that I did not charge enough for the time and labor, so I will be adjusting my prices to reflect that.  I still plan to offer a better product for less.

I plan to make some rag curtains for my Scamp trailer as well.  I plan to add among the burlap, tulle, and muslin some of the upholstery fabric I used in the cushion covers.  I can’t wait to start on those!

The rag curtains also make cute skirts, like the skirt on the old chair I made a couple of weeks ago.  (that post here)  I also think they would make cute gypsy prom skirts, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.  Don’t tell anyone!  ; )

Rag curtain or skirt, anyone?



Wedded Life Wednesday: Some role models. . .

I heard in the news this week about a man who lost his beloved wife of 60 years and now refuses to sleep in the bed they shared.  The reporter said that the man had always been “madly in love” with his wife.  He couldn’t bear sleeping alone in the bed he had shared with his wife for 60 years.

And then I found this story:

“CLARKS SUMMIT — Here’s an example that even in times of grief, you can find some inspiration and hope.
In this case, a family in Lackawanna County lost a mother and father within hours of each other.
The couple’s amazing love story now provides some comfort during a very difficult time.
After 60 years of life together, death only kept Daniel and Virginia Fogarty of Clarks Summit apart for three hours.
The one-time high school sweethearts, the husband and wife of 57 years died the same day last week, only hours apart.
We talked with four of the Fogarty’s five children. They are coping with such a sudden loss by clinging to quite a love story.
Virginia had been sick, but Daniel’s illness was sudden and both ended up in the hospital the same day. They died a few days later.
Virginia died first. When the family told Daniel, he made the decision to refuse any more medical care.  With his children around him, he died 25 minutes later.
The couple certainly left a legacy. Five kids, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. A family that will always be inspired by the love of mom and dad, grandma and grandpa.
And the family says it’s a love story that continues above.”
In this story, the man couldn’t bear this life 
without his beloved wife, so he chose to join 
her in the next life.
And then there are my parents, who will be celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary this coming June!    They were only kids, ages 16 and 17, when they married in 1958, and within eight years they had a brood of four children, and yet they are still together and happy after all these years.  How can this be?
My parents in 1961 at ages 19 and 20.  Aren’t they cute?
My parents in 2012, 51 years later.  Again, aren’t they cute?
   I have my theory.  It’s called commitment and holding true to your promises.  These people took their marriage vows seriously.  My parents took their roles as parents seriously.  They all recognized a higher purpose for staying in their relationship beyond their own immediate gratification. They considered the lives they impacted, the lives they were responsible for, and the futures they were entrusted.  On the other side of parenting, grandparenting, and careers, they found they still had each other and that the marriage bond had grown stronger.
What a legacy to leave to your own children and grandchildren!  This kind of marriage commitment is rare today but not impossible.  The real meaning of marital bliss may indeed be the reward two people find when they realize that 60 years have gone by and they are still just as much in love as they were the day they began.
Many times relationships end.  Sometimes it is messy.  Sometimes they are short-lived.  Sometimes it isn’t your fault.  Sometimes it is.  But wouldn’t it be wonderful to find that person you could be with for the rest of your life, and say with the poet Robert Browning:  “Grow old along with me!  The best is yet to be. . .”
Indeed something to strive for.  
Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends!


FOLK Magazine Journal Challenge: Favorite Family Photo

Today’s journal prompt by Folk Magazine is to share a favorite family photo and tell why it is my favorite as well as the story behind it.

As of right now, this photograph has to be my favorite.  Yes, it is a wedding photo–my daughter’s wedding.  In the picture from left to right are me, my son Matthew, my new son-in-law Bryan, my daughter Natalie, my daughter-in-law Taylor, and my husband Jimmy.

If you have been following my blog you know that the wedding took place last November in a beautiful outdoor setting on our own property.  The Lord smiled on us and gave us a perfect day with mild temperatures and few insects (although the photographers did meet a few fire ants–sorry about that!).

This photo represents many things.  Yes, of course, it represents the end of months and months of preparation and planning and spending, but it represents more than that.

This photograph represents. . .
  • The end of an era, the era of child-rearing for me and my husband.  Granted, both children were adults well before they married, but getting married signified that we as parents were no longer their significant others, so to speak.
  • The beginning of the empty nest.  For many parents that is a sad time.  For these parents, not so much.  We still have much to enjoy and much to do!
  • The subtle change from a parent/child relationship to an adult/adult relationship, maybe even friend/friend.  Something to look forward to!
  • The reality that a new generation is following us.  It is no longer me and hubby.  Our offspring will now carry on for us.  Hopefully there will be grandchildren in that equation.
  • The fact that hubby and I are not young any more!  Slap me in the face and call me a geezer!  I’ll have to agree. . .
That photo also represents a moment of time full of promise and hope for a lifetime of marital bliss for my daughter and her husband.  I pray it will be so. . .



The day broke clear and cool.  I got up early, dressed, and woke my night owl husband.  We heard my dad fire up his old Ford pickup that we would be borrowing to make the move to the antique mall.  He’s so awesome that he drove it over to our carport and left the keys in it.  We live just next door, and–no worries–out in the country.  Thanks, Daddy!

Jimmy and I drove down to Dad’s barn to retrieve some old doors we had used in my daughter’s wedding, which would now be set up as temporary walls to border my booth.  Then we stopped at one of his storage buildings to get a framed piece of lattice I would use on the opposite wall.  We completed our load by piling in the stuff off the porch and out of our storage building.

He followed me in my packed SUV to the antique mall where my sister and niece met us with an old tin and wood shelf unit she let me borrow and hopefully sell.  They also stayed to lend their muscle!  (Many thanks, Sharon and Libbie!  And many thanks to my wonderful hubby for his muscle and patience and support!)

It only took us about an hour to get everything unloaded and the walls and furniture arranged.  I then spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon arranging everything in what I hope is an eye-pleasing, inviting mini-store that I will have trouble keeping stocked!  Here are the promised photos:

There’s my sister’s tin and wood shelf unit.  She used it in her kitchen before her remodel.   A steal at $65.00!  Come see!  She also gave me those little shelves that I painted.

A pile of old bicycle and motorcycle wheels in an old trunk beckon to browsers.  There are also gears and such for the steampunk fan.

A rag curtain hangs on two old doors that separate my booth from my neighbors’.  I take custom orders.  See my Etsy shop–A.C. Junk ‘n’ Stuff.  I also added a small Christmas tree that I will be decorating for the seasons.  Now it is a LOVE tree for Valentine’s Day, topped with a wedding veil and hat.

Who is that hot middle-aged woman?  Oh!  It’s me!  (just kidding, LOL)

Lots of the stuff from my daughter’s wedding found its way into the booth.  All those signs are also offered on my Etsy shop.  That’s my old wedding dress. . .was I really that teeny?  My mom handpainted the flowers on the back rungs of the yellow chair.
Great news!  I actually had my first sale today!  That little black desk with the typewriter sitting on it was my first booth sale!  Break out the bubbly!

I forgot to take pictures of the Valentine display in the pink suitcase.  I’ll try to get to that soon. . .unless the items are all gone when I go back!  No complaints there!

Have a wonderful weekend!