Home Butchering Ain’t for Sissies. . .

It’s been awhile but I promised to talk about our hog butchering, home edition.  It wasn’t pretty. 

We brought my first kill home, along with her piglet, and as I was inside searching the phone book for a meat processor with late hours, hubby was outside in our carport with mama pig across his open pickup tailgate, cutting into her tough hide to start transforming her into pork chops. 

Before I could stop him, he was bringing into my clean kitchen pieces of fresh pork that I was supposed to package up and place in our freezer.  It wouldn’t have been so bad, but as I began to place each piece onto freezer paper, I almost gagged when I realized that there were still coarse black hairs attached.  Yuk!  So I swallowed the bile and picked the hairs out of the meat until it looked clean enough to wash and wrap up. 

The dutiful huntress and wife placed all packages in a freezer container which went into the back of the freezer until I had the stomach to bring it back out for cooking. 

Unfortunately, over a year has passed and I haven’t had the urge to bring it out.  Now it is too old and needs to be thrown out!  I was never able to forget the smell of that pig and the nasty coarse hair on my countertops.  She should have joined her little piglet offspring in the field as a free meal for nature’s predators and decomposers.  Better yet, we should have left her where she dropped. 

But it was a learning experience.  When I get the taste for pork again (if ever), I’ll buy it from the grocery store already cleaned and packaged.


By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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