THRIFTY HUNTER THURSDAY: On Friday! Deer, deer everywhere!

Ladies and gentlement, it’s time for the Weekly Redneck Shopper Report.  Today’s post is for the thrifty hunter, but there is no need to be thrifty in our neck of the woods where this evening on the way home from the local Walmart, we saw 18 deer!  18 whitetail within 12 miles, along a busy interstate, then a semi-busy state highway, and then our not-so-busy blacktop road. And all within 20 minutes!

Just behind McDonald’s next to the on ramp for I-20 there was a fairly good sized 8-point buck, two doe, and a still-spotted fawn–just a little family of four grazing on the side of the highway ignoring the bustle of traffic going 75 miles an hour just yards away.  Until we pulled over to stare, of course.  Then they leaped effortlessly away, Daddy Buck in the lead. 

A few miles later, Jimmy spotted another one on a hill, which I didn’t see because I was trying to keep my eyes on the road.  Somebody in the car needs to, after all. Then in a few minutes after turning onto a state highway, Jimmy spotted several deer grazing in a meadow a good distance from the road.  I quickly turned the car around and went back, parking on the side with my flashers going.  As another car swerved around mine, we counted eight deer. Before they made their getaway, we saw that one of them was a huge buck, possibly the “Grandaddy Big Buck” we have been looking for since we saw him one day last year off our blacktop road.  Jimmy grunted at them in his most deer-like voice.  Of course, recognizing us as danger, they ran.
I turned onto our blacktop road, and we spotted five more doe in another field.  Pumped is not the word.  Is this a sign of good things to come, i.e., more venison in our freezer?  With a couple of months until deer season, we hope so.  Evenings are becoming cooler and the deer are starting to move around.
Brother of Big Billy Buck, here we come!

By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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