RANDOM FRIDAY: No Electronics!

We got a lot of rain yesterday–rain along with thunder and lightning and much cooler temperatures.  It is SO welcome after a long hot summer, which really was not near as hot as last summer, but hot enough.  But this week the Lord blessed us with a slow moving cold front and there is another on its heels.  You can actually feel a hint of fall in the air.  It makes you want to start pulling out your sweaters and boots, even if you can’t wear them yet.

Except I did.  Since there was a good chance of more rain today, I pulled a pair of boots out of the vintage suitcase I store all my boots in, and I actually wore them.  I admit I did get a little warm this afternoon but I loved wearing those boots with a cute little dress and black footless tights.  Fall and winter clothes are my favorite–I can hardly wait to start adding layers!
But there was one drawback to the weather last night.  Apparently the rain fell so heavily that my satellite dish couldn’t pick up the signal so our television went black for at least a half hour.  That would have been fine, but the internet stopped working, too.    You lucky people who get Suddenlink or some other bundled service won’t understand, but we connect to the internet through an antenna that receives a signal from a tower in a small town about eight miles away.  Apparently the weather was blocking that signal as well.  
At least the lights stayed on, which in itself is a miracle.  When I was a kid living next door, our power would go off every time we had a thunderstorm.  And out here where we live, our water goes off as well because we have well water brought out of the ground by an electric pump.  Let me hear it for you country folks out there who know what I’m talking about!
But I digress.  No TV and no internet provided me with the perfect opportunity to start one of my wedding projects.  I won’t post a photo until Cheap Wedding Wednesday but I will tell you that my fingers are raw from cutting and tying burlap, tulle, and cotton strips!  My project turned out great!  Stay tuned. . .

By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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