AT HOME MONDAY: Idiom idiosyncrasies

In our home we tend to laugh a lot, especially when the kids and their significant others are home.  We figured out a long time ago that it is much better and healthier to laugh than it is to grumble or complain or cry, so we try to laugh instead.  And believe me, there is plenty around here to laugh about.

Take my daughter Natalie, for example.  She can light up a room with her smile, and she is sweet and a talented artist as well.  She is also our feature entertainer, keeping us laughing much of the time.  Most of the time that is her intention–to entertain–but sometimes it just happens.

Like the time she told some friends while playing online games that she was about to “blow a casket.”  One guy asked, “Don’t you mean, blow a gasket?”  I almost blew a gasket myself when she told me about it, even though she was embarrassed.

Another time she informed her fiance that he was “going against the grind” but he stopped her to explain that she meant “going against the grain.”  Oh well, she shrugged.  Grind, grain–whatever, but it kind of put a damper on her argument.

We all had a good guffaw this past weekend at dinner when Natalie was talking about telling Bryan’s sap story to her new coworkers.  He has been dealing with a nasty snakebite for weeks now.  After almost choking on my meat loaf, I said, “I think you mean SOB story, Natalie.”

Used to having her idioms corrected, she just joined in the laughter.  She just called ’em as she had heard ’em, or thought she heard ’em.  Don’t we all?  We assured her that her little idiosyncrasies with idioms were quite cute and she must not feel dumb or embarrassed.

The next day on the way to church she was talking about what a great guy her fiance is, and I agreed.  “You fit together like birds of a feather,” I commented.  “You mean, flock together?” she asked with a giggle.  

Yep, the squirrel doesn’t stray far from the nut, or something like that. . .
Natalie and I being silly in a photo booth
(Photo by Funky Monkey)


By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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