TEACHER TUESDAY: I dream of teaching. . .

Throughout my teaching career, whenever I got a break from school during extended holidays or over the summer, I would start dreaming about school.  But they weren’t just dreams; they were more like mild nightmares!
I would dream recurring scenarios such as starting the first day of school in a classroom where every desk was filled and more and more students kept entering my class until they were standing in crowds around the room!  They also all claimed that their class schedules assigned them all to my classroom at the same time!


Or there’s the recurring dream where I wander the hallways of a huge building looking for my classroom, or for my locker.  In the first one I am the teacher, in the second a student.  I never manage to find the correct classroom, and I worry about my unsupervised students who are probably waiting for me.


There is still another one where I have not gone to work and cannot seem to get to a phone to call in.  The morning progresses and I still have not phoned in my absence!  My students are waiting for me!

But the dream I had last night–and it is a recurring theme–is the strangest yet.  I continue to go to work and teach, but every day I tell my students and my colleagues that it is my last day.  I continue to teach beyond my last day before retirement, but I still inform them that it is my last day.  I even begin to bend the rules for teachers because I don’t have to come back if I don’t want to.
Does anyone else have weird dreams like this? Any dream interpreters out there who want to take a shot at interpreting mine?  I’m sure there must be some meaning to all of it.  
Waking up is always the best part.  When I wake up, I am really retired!  (But I do miss my kids and colleagues, I have to admit.)  Wonder what strange scenarios tonight will bring. . .

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