AT HOME Monday: Maggie the Acrobat

What do these two photos have in common?  One is my sweet Boston terrier Maggie and one is my dining room table.  (Please excuse the pile of craft stuff behind it–I haven’t been able to claim a craft room in my home yet.)

I’m sitting in my chair in my living room, my back to the dining room and kitchen, when my other little Boston terrier gal, Molly, runs over and starts scratching at my knees.  Thinking she just wants to play, I pat her head and resume my Facebooking, which was distracting me from my Monday housecleaning chores, by the way.

A few seconds later, I hear something strange and turn around to see, much to my astonishment, Maggie walking around on the dining room table!  So that was what Molly was trying to tell me!  Now Maggie isn’t the skinniest thing on earth, and her legs are much shorter than your average Boston–in fact, we suspect she may have some French bulldog in her recent ancestry.  How she could be spry enough to jump onto a chair which was partially pulled away from the table and then to the table is a mystery!  

I pull a dining room chair a little farther out, and tell her to get down right now!  She looks at me, like, “What’s wrong, Mommy?” but she obeys quickly.  

Of course, I immediately regret it.  A perfect blog post!  But alas, I didn’t take a photo!  So I gather her up–she ain’t no light thing, either–and place her back on the table.  Not to be scolded again, no Sirree, she jumps straight from the table to the floor!  There will be no photo.

But now I know where those scratches on my table came from.  And I blamed my husband for putting his tools there.  Just another reason to paint it. . .

Stay tuned!


By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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