Wedded Life Wednesday: Bang, bang, shoot, shoot!

One thing I would advise young couples to do is take an interest in something that interests your spouse.  If my husband wants me to go with him to a motorcycle race, I go.  If he wants me to see a movie with him, even if it is a guy flick, I go.  On the flip side, he will do things with me that he doesn’t really prefer, such as shopping at an antique store or seeing a chick flick.

Today I went with him to the shooting range to sight in his new AR-15.  I also needed to practice shooting my handgun, since I have a license to carry a concealed weapon.  The thunderous boom of the rifle was not pleasant in the least, but I stayed with him as long as he wanted with only a minimal amount of complaining!  

Here are some shooting photos.  The first one shows our 25-yard target and the spotting scope we used to see how accurate we were.

This is me trying out the AR-15.  What a noise it makes!  And it kicks a little. . .got me in the cheek once.  How do you like my pink ear protectors?

The hubs shooting his new toy.  He is very accurate!  I’m glad we weren’t competing, because I would have lost!

I had to show you the ground around the gun tables, so littered with used bullet casings the ground is almost solid.  This particular gun range, privately owned and open only to members, gets lots of use.  

I won’t participate in the argument for or against guns, but you can tell where I stand from this blog.  My objective today was to explain that if you can show an interest in what interests your spouse, and even share an interest or two, you can hang out as friends when the fire of initial lust fades. . .as it will.  But love with a basis of friendship can endure forever if both of you want it to.
I hope this was helpful. . .


By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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