A Wedded Life Wednesday: STUPID Vacuum!

The vacuum cleaner has come between me and the hubby more times than I care to remember.  No matter what brand, how old it is, or how good it is supposed to be, the resident vacuum cleaner eventually becomes a problem.
I will be happily pushing and pulling the vacuum around my floors, minding my own business, glad the house will be clean for at least five minutes, when suddenly the vacuum cleaner will become noncompliant after weeks, even months of total obedience.  Usually it will begin screeching and will refuse to pick up anything.  Usually it takes me a full room of vacuuming to realize that I have been spinning my wheels (pun intended).
Frustration spikes.  How am I supposed to finish cleaning when the vacuum cleaner won’t
WORK???  No matter how clean the bathrooms are, how sparkly the dustless furniture looks, and how clutter-free the kitchen counter is, the house will not, CANNOT be clean until the floors are clean!  STUPID vacuum!
Once at the height of indignance and before we added a deck to the back of the house, I opened the back door and heaved the whole dirty machine out into the backyard, thinking that if it busted all to pieces hubby would finally get me a new one.  That one had lasted at least ten years and was a dinosaur in the world of vacuum cleaners.  Lo, and behold, the next day it found its way back inside, fixed by Helpy Helperton a.k.a. my husband.  It hung on a little longer until I was able to whine my way into getting a new one.
Boring history aside, I recently experienced vacuum noncompliance again.  I suffered the lack of complete cleaning of my house and left the silly machine out where hubby would trip on it when he came home.  He just pushed it out of the way.  Result?  I nagged him a little the next day.  I really NEEDED to vacuum.
With a large sigh, he grabbed his reading glasses and flipped the offender over on its side.  As if by magic, he found the problem immediately.  That stupid thing had a huge clog.  The nerve!
Hubby commencing to operate.
Isn’t he cute?
Whose hair is this?
Okay, the photos aren’t so great (when will I learn how to use my daughter’s good camera?), but you can tell hubby was very excited to get to the bottom of the vacuum problem.  Yes, I am being sarcastic.
As handy a husband as he is, I would like a better solution to the problem.  How about this?  No carpet.  No rugs.  No dirt.
Or I might take a Dyson.
A girl can dream, can’t she?

By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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