Wedded Life Wednesday: Me, Stubborn? FOLK Magazine’s Journal Challenge

This week’s prompt asks us to reflect on a time when we were stubborn or went against what others wanted us to do.  Hm, let’s see.  Stubborn?  Me?

What comes to mind isn’t earth-shattering or life-changing, but it marked a passage of sorts for me.  I stood up for myself at a car dealership.  A woman up against a group of high pressure car salesmen.  And I won!

It wasn’t my first new vehicle, but it was the first time I went alone without the hubby to purchase a car.  I had been driving a Ford Escape for four years and racked up over 100,000 miles.  Hubby wanted me to get a new one since I was on the road a lot with a long commute to work.  It was summer, I was flexible as a teacher, and he slept days and worked nights, so I had to go by myself to the dealership.  

Not a problem!  I had just landed a new job as a discipline school administrator, had met a lot of new folks, and felt confident in my ability to state my needs and expectations to the car salesman.

It was just as I expected.  The welcome, the schmoozing, the test drive, everything.  And it was going well until I told him what I wanted.  They didn’t have a vehicle on the lot that had everything I wanted.  I didn’t think it was a big deal.  It was probably going to be the last new car I would buy before I retired and I wanted what I wanted–a Ford Escape Limited in green or white, leather interior, running boards, receiver hitch, and all the bells and whistles of the XLT I had at the time.

That’s when it started.  They began questioning why I wanted such things as the color and the running boards.  Because I did!  I explained that it might be my last new vehicle and I wanted what I wanted.  They tried to convince me to take one of the models on the lot.  I knew they could find what I wanted somewhere else if they tried.  They could even order it.  I stood my ground.  I waited.  I talked to the salesman’s manager and his supervisor.  I didn’t waver.  And eventually I got what I wanted.  It wasn’t a Limited, but it had everything a Limited had except the GPS, and it was a little less expensive.  An XLT all tricked out.  And I have never regretted it.  Call me stubborn, but I knew what I wanted!  And the “little lady” won in a dealership full of “good ol’ boys!”

My light sage 2009 Ford Escape with running boards–new at the time!

When has stubbornness paid off for you?


By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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