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Wedded Life Wednesday: Ups and downs and all arounds. . .

Last weekend hubby and I drove two hours east to see my former student and country superstar Miranda Lambert in concert.  Hubby really does not like country music at all, but he has been a trooper and accompanied me to many of her concerts.  I think the opportunity to shop at Bass Pro and eat at Fuddrucker’s was the real deciding factor, though.
Image from here–Janice Caldwell (another teacher), Miranda, and me
He took the night off from work–he is night supervisor at the local zoo–and we left early to spend the day in Shreveport/Bossier City.   We visited the nice and relatively new Louisiana Boardwalk, which borders the Red River where all the casinos are, and went to several of the shops along the boardwalk.
The weather was perfect, although with a cold breeze, but it warmed up as the day went on.  We ended up with time to burn before the concert so we headed down “Antiques Row” which amounted to about four little antique malls.  NOT my idea of an antiques district.  Have these guys ever been to Gladewater or Jefferson, Texas?  Hubby doesn’t really like browsing antique shops either but he was patient and even showed some interest in some of the things he saw.
We then visited Horseshoe Casino and played some slots.  We limited ourselves to $20 but I came away with $68, which paid for our meal at Fuddrucker’s and a warm scarf for my neck.  It was cold!  Thanks, Jack Binion!  We are big spenders, yes? 
Finally it was time for us to head over to the concert arena, Centurylink Center.  The doors were supposed to open at 6:30 and the concert at 7:30.  There was a huge line outside the doors, and when they finally opened, only four arena employees checked bags and tickets!  There were a few angry attendees, to say the least.  Hubby was a little annoyed.  I actually snapped at a lady who accused us of breaking in line.  Gunpowder and lead, baby!
We had no trouble finding our seats, but they were in the middle of a row, making it very difficult to move once we were seated, so I only got up once for a drink.  Teenagers were all around us, dressed in their cute little dresses and cowboy boots.  The adorable little teen girls next to hubby were the last straw on the camel’s back of patience for him.  Their constant screaming for Dierks Bentley and then Miranda Lambert, and their constant picture taking of themselves finally got to him.  His patience had run out.
When one of my favorite songs “Kerosene” began, I jumped up to sing and clap like I always do, and he tapped me and motioned for me to sit down, ruining the joy! Needless to say, I was bummed the rest of the evening, or at least toward him.
The ride home was not amiable.  He finally explained why he had been so frustrated–which I knew anyway–and apologized, yes, apologized for ruining my night!  He felt bad about it!  I told him he didn’t ruin my night, just that song, and I would never ask him to go with me again to see a country concert.  
That was last Thursday night, almost a week ago.  Yesterday he asked me again if he had ruined my whole night.  He still felt bad about embarrassing me like he did.  
Up, down, all around.  Marriage is just like that.  Mad one minute, happy the next, ho-hum the next.  Just like life.  It’s crazy.  But I couldn’t imagine life without him.  Even if he doesn’t like my music.
Who wants to go with me next time Miranda comes to town?  I’ll need a date. . .

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