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Meaningless Drivel Monday: Sharin’ with Sharon!

What’s better than having your own antiques booth at an antique mall?  Sharing a booth with your sister!

My booth at the end of its first day. . .
Last week I gave up my one-woman booth to link up with my sister in a larger space where we could halve the rent, hopefully resulting in bigger profits, and allowing her to clear out some storage space at her home.

Sharon’s side of our new booth–actually we share both sides, but most of my stuff ended up on the right side.
You can imagine how surprised and dismayed I was when the junk from my old space almost filled up the entire new space!  We moved my stuff on Tuesday and set everything up on Wednesday, leaving about one-third of the space for her things.  Gracious she was, though, with nary a complaint.  She said she will just keep the rest of her things at home until more of mine sells.  Sweet, huh?

The right side of our booth which has mostly my junk.
Well, taking up that much space didn’t sit well with me.  I am the oldest and bossiest by default, but I still don’t feel right about hogging most of the space.  So . . . tomorrow if nothing has disappeared, I will downsize and stack and rearrange and see what I can do to clear half of that space for my little sis.  It’s only fair, right?  Even if she hasn’t complained. . .much. 

That’s her rag wreath hanging on my pink deer antlers.  Aren’t they awesome?  Sorry, not for sale!
Seriously, she hasn’t complained, not to me, at least.  But fair is fair.  Plus, I like seeing the things she has made and collected.
Some of her cool shabby framed pieces, along with some ironwork and my signs.
Sharon and her hubby made this cool sign.  It’s from a Switchfoot song.
Sharon dug the large piece of crocheted lace out of a trash can at a thrift store!  Aren’t those cute little dresses?
We made an arch out of two old doors with a piece of lattice on top.  One of my rag curtains hangs behind the arch.
So much lovely junk!
If you haven’t made it to Uniques & Antiques in Mineola, Texas, you are missing the BEST antique mall EVER!  
See you there!


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