Where Am I Wednesday: Blogging from the Scamp!

This is how I started off my blog post today:

I’m not going to be talking about the teaching profession today, at least not in a literal sense.  I am too excited not to talk about the Scamp, and for those who want to know more about vintage campers, I guess this could be a teachable moment.  Is that a stretch?

Sounds good, right?  Except today isn’t Tuesday, so it didn’t matter if I talk about teaching or not.  I lost a day somewhere because Monday was a holiday, I suppose.  Anyway, here’s the rest.

I still have a few things to do inside the Scamp but she is usable on the inside now.  The outside is still badly in need of a bath and paint, but I need a few days with no threat of rain.  She will also need new tires, probably new lights, and a title transfer.  Yikes, I haven’t done that yet!
So here’s the inside. . .

Step right on in!
View from the door.
The “living room,”  consisting of the bench seat just to the right of the door, which can be converted to a bunk bed.  However, we took out the large piece of plywood on the back of the back cushion that would support the top bunk.
One of my favorite finds ever!  A tea light chandelier I found at Ross yesterday!  Perfect to hang from the roof vent!
One of my Scamp mates:  Maggie the Boston terrier.
A view of the “upstairs.”  It will soon become a bed when the table and mattress are brought in.  Today I just set up a camp stool with a metal tray and made a tiny table.  I really like how it looks!
Today I added rag strips to the curtains and made little tiebacks for them.  Those pillows are a thrift store find. . .not sure if I will keep them in the Scamp.  What do you think?
The left side of the “upstairs.”  Not sure about those pillows, either.  Or even the bear.  Hm. . .
Another view of the “living room” from the “upstairs.”  I may take a nap there very soon!
The closet next to the door with a tote I found at Pursuing Eden Vintage Sales and Rentals.  It holds a plastic bag for trash and may come in handy on trips!

That’s it!  My daughter came home tonight and came out here and asked me what I was doing out here.  Duh!  Enjoying my new retreat!  She just doesn’t get it.  Maybe after she raises a family and retires, she will.  Eh, she was preoccupied.  She told me later she loves it!  

Let me know what you think!


2 replies on “Where Am I Wednesday: Blogging from the Scamp!”

Looks like you have done a lot of work on your Scamp. It looks great! We also have a Scamp that we are working on so that we can get some Scamping done this summer.


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