Wedded Life Wednesday: What we do. . .

Last weekend hubby suggested we go to the drive-in movie.  In our little neck of the East Texas woods we are fortunate to have a real live working drive-in theater, very much like those of yore, except there are no speaker poles.  Moviegoers listen to the movie over their car stereos instead.
I checked online to find out what was showing.  My suspicions were confirmed.  “Fast and Furious 6.”  Oh, boy.  Just what I had been wanting to see.  But they were also showing the animated feature “Epic,” which stars my favorite heart throb Colin Farrell.  So I agreed.  Yes, we old fogies actually go to the drive-in to watch the movie.
We packed up the ice chest with drinks and snacks and headed to the outdoor theater.  We also brought mosquito repellent so the pesky little pointy-nose pests wouldn’t get a free meal on us.  We were ready for a night out.
Before “Epic” began, country music was piped over the speakers.  Lucky us.  We got a free dance show by some redneck women spilling out of their plus-size shorts right in front of our car.  
Once the movie started we were surprised by the driver of a large pickup truck trying to back in between our car and the car next to us.  We had purposefully parked so there was not enough room between us and the neighboring car for another vehicle.  Our need for privacy didn’t deter that pickup, though.  Barely missing our mirrors, they finally realized after asking hubby if he could open his door (No! Duh!) there wasn’t enough room and moved on to another place.  If you are late for the movie, be considerate of everyone else and park in the back row, please!  Geez!
All that aside, I enjoyed “Epic” and hubby enjoyed “Fast and Furious 600”  (I mean 6).  However, my backside began complaining before the first feature was over!  Maybe next time I will take a walk between movie features.  Or maybe find a conservative-looking couple and dance in front of their car.  I’ll be careful and not knock off their mirrors.
That will get my blood flowing and probably theirs as well.
What we do to keep our spouses happy.

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