Magnificent Monday: What a little rain can do

Last week we got some rain, and not just a little.  Some folks in our area of East Texas received 5 or 6 inches of rain, but we only got 2.6 inches at our place.  It was enough to give a burst of renewed energy to the potted plants on our back deck, which were beginning to look a bit peaked. (or is it piqued?)

This pot holds a mixture of zinnias, purslane, and rose moss.
These pots of rose moss bloomed happily after the rain.

Two blooms of Shasta daisies made up for lost time–they had stopped blooming from the heat.
These succulents, or hen-and-chickens, kept a drop of water in the centers.  They look like little diamonds!
I had to share my mom’s newest potting bench:  an old bathroom sink sitting on top of an old sewing machine frame.  She set it on her backyard patio.  Geraniums sit below.
I tried to capture tonight’s full moon as it rose over the treetops surrounding our pasture.  It didn’t show up very well, but you can see how green the grass is.  This time of year it is usually dried up and brown!
I know that flooding and heat continue to be problems for much of the country, but here in East Texas it has been blessedly wetter and cooler than usual.  And we will take it!

I hope your flowers are still blooming pretty.


By aencoker

Author, teacher, mom, grandmother, but most of all, Christian.

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