Wise Wednesday: E-conundrum solved! (Thanks, Matt!)

Today’s electronics are wonderful. I mean, who would have thought when the TV series “Star Trek” aired back in the 60’s that we would actually be using those very gadgets in real life only about 50 years later?
I remember watching “Star Trek” reruns after school, dreaming about a “communicator” that worked like a walkie-talkie?  Enter flip phones 40 years later.
Now we have flat screen televisions and monitors, hypodermic injections without needles, doors that open without touching, and devices that respond when we speak to them.  Technology moves so fast that it is difficult and expensive to keep up.  Electronics junkies wait in line for the latest gadget, especially if it is an Apple product.
I have always thought it was foolish to stand in line for days and nights waiting to purchase the latest or cheapest products.  I don’t do it for Black Friday, and I don’t do it for “i” anything!
Then my own kids betrayed me and bought the iPhone.  Then the iPad.  Then the iPad Mini.  And an iMac laptop!  Not only that, but they began to pressure me to become an iBot myself.
But I was loyal to my Blackberry cell phone.  I had always been intrigued by its tiny keyboard, and my son gave me one because he was the Blackberry troubleshooter for the company he worked for at the time.
I became a Blackberry person and have been ever since.  I used the Blackberry Curve and then the Blackberry Torch.  I put up with the device freezing up and having application errors.  I got used to having to take out and reinsert the battery.
Now it was time for an upgrade and I heard that Blackberry had laid off 40% of its work force and that the company was up for sale.  Time to switch.  I considered several Android phones, but finally gave in.  My son is very persuasive.  And I already have the credit card reader that I sent for, not realizing it wouldn’t work with Blackberry.  
You might remember my discussion of my E-conundrum–not being able to decide on a new phone.  You can find that post here.
I finally decided on this!


Turquoise and black.  So pretty.  So NOW.  But it is quite different from my Blackberry, so I am having to learn.  It’s not as difficult as I thought to change over.  I guess that is why I resisted for so long.  I didn’t want to join the iBot generation and I didn’t want to have to learn a new device.  I’ve got to stop wanting to stay in my comfort zone and be willing to try new things.  Even if it is the latest technology.  After all, I have a techie son and a nephew who can explain it all to me.

Are you a part of the iGeneration?



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